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July 29, 2017

Las Vegas, NV. 106*F.
Weekend away from home.

Good morning world! This hotel room stays mighty dark. We got into Las Vegas last night at around 9PM and are staying at the Mirage.

I lay in bed for about twenty minutes and then decide I should move and I get into the luxurious hotel shower.

I get dressed, dry my hair, do my thing.

Violet saw me taking a mirror selfie: "I'm gonna photobomb you!"

Justin already got dressed. As we wait for Violet to get dressed, we lay in the hotel bed.

After we're all ready, we head down to the lobby and meet my friend Carrie. The lobby is beautiful and this is what we kept calling the forest.

Justin leads the way to breakfast.

We get to the Linq Hotel and up the escalator we go to Hash House A Go Go.

There's a 20 minute wait for breakfast and this little girl is not pleased.

We do eventually get seated. The restaurant is LOUD. I had been here once before, but didn't remember it being quite so loud.

Carrie and I wait for our food and look super cute.

I am a child. Justin and Carrie both drink breakfast cocktails. I have a big ass mug of hot chocolate.

The food comes out! I had ordered the roast chicken hash.

Violet ordered the largest pancake in the whole wide world, that tasted like pure candy. Brown sugar banana pancakes. Holy.

After breakfast we walk back to the hotel. I can hardly move I'm so full.

I take a half hour nap.

Right around 12:30 I head down to the lobby to meet Carrie. I've ditched Justin and Violet for the afternoon.

Carrie and I get in the car and I maneuver Las Vegas traffic.

About 20 minutes later we get to Amber's mom's house for the bridal shower!

The mimosas are flowing! But I have to be good and only drink two of them, because I have to drive us back.

First we take pictures with the bride-to-be, then we play games (including a raunchy one called Cards About Matrimony,) and we ended with present time.

Her mom passes out the photostrips.

Right before I'm about to leave, I get this text from Justin. Him and Violet had been at the pool.

Around 5 we get back to the hotel and I part ways for Carrie for a bit.

We venture out to find dinner somewhere. Violet moans and complains the whole way. Justin actually at one point tells her he's going to bring her back to the hotel room. Oh my god, 10 year olds.

But she did like the spiral escalator at Caesar's.

I loved that the ceiling was painted like the sky.

I do get her to pose with me at the Fountain of the Gods in front of the Goddess of Chaos. Seemed appropriate.

NOT PICTURED: We saw the show Fall of Atlantis, which was fun. We also walked around a lot more. We wanted to go to Gordon Ramsay's Pub, but we chose not to wait in the super huge line.

We found Planet Hollywood for dinner. Perhaps not the most exciting place, but the line wasn't long. I ordered the Princess Cocktail.

I forgot to photo dinner, but I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana. Justin and Violet both had hamburgers.

After dinner we walk the strip home.

When we get back to the room, I ditch Violet and Justin again and head to Carrie's hotel room. Amber came over and we chat for about an hour. I decide not to go out with them for multiple reasons.

Those reasons include:
#1: I want to hang out some with Justin, obviously. We leave Violet for an hour in the room (as she plays Roblox on my computer) and we go to the casino. I win $60. The night before I won $190.

#2: I really want to take a bath with the bath bomb I had bought the night before. This bathtub is a soaking tub and is super deep and I want it in my house.

#3: I'm tired.

#4: I have to work on the closing for my trial that ends Monday.

#5: I want to read this book.

We eventually fall asleep around 11PM.

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