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July 1: A Busy Desert Day

I made the challenge, so I better participate!

I'm Elizabeth. 30 years old. I live in the desert of Southern California.

My dog starts whining. His tail starts whacking the blinds. I am TIRED. The night before we had been celebrating our one year anniversary and went to bed at about 1AM. Checkers didn't give a shit though. Just before 6:30 I get out of bed so I can take him out to pee.

I go back to sleep for a bit. I'm all grumpy now. I'm tiiiiired.

A half hour later he starts up again. If he could speak he'd be telling me he's hungry and I'm a bad dog-mom for not feeding him the second he wants to eat.

Checkers wins this time. I get up and feed both him and the cat.

I go back to bed yet again and Isabelle sleeps on my head, now that she's full of food.

I sleep for another half hour and then get up and take a shower.
NOTE ABOUT THIS PICTURE: I didn't notice the beer in the shower until I was looking at these pictures. Justin had a beer in the shower the evening before all while giggling, "Shower Beer."

Now that I'm showered, I make myself a cup of coffee in my QUEEN mug.

As I drink my coffee, I sit on the couch and write a postcard to a woman in Florida for postcrossing. (PS IF YOU WANT TO EXCHANGE POSTCARDS LET ME KNOW. I CAUGHT THE BUG.) I got this postcard a few weeks ago when I was visiting San Francisco.

Then I finish up reading this book. My thoughts? It wasn't bad. I'm not usually into reading advice columns, but this was a change. Some of the writing didn't seem genuine to me though.

Then I miss some stuff. Justin gets up, we both get dressed, and Checkers go into his crate (or jail as I call it.)

We get in the car and off we go! We have to stop to get gas because we're on empty. Justin pumps, I go in and get him a Sprite and me a Ginger Ale. Then I drive an hour.

We get to Baker's and meet with Violet (Justin's daughter) and his ex-wife and her new family. Violet's coming to stay with us until Thursday. Violet eats her burger and fries and we chat for about a half hour.

We get back in the car and start heading towards Cathedral City.

Justin and I hadn't eaten yet, so we stop at Castenada's. He gets a California Breakfast Burrito. I get a regular California Burrito.

Our next stop is Honda. I need an oil change. Justin used to work at this dealership, so knows his way around. We steal this desk and eat our burritos. Then Violet steals my cellphone and I sit for an hour and a half bored out of mind.

Right after 2:30 the car is ready. Now off to our next stop!

We drive to Bermuda Dunes to Justin's parents' house.

And we play around in their swimming pool. We stay for about an hour and a half.

I got some sun.
When it's time to leave Violet has a mini-meltdown. She wants to stay longer, but we got things to do!

Specifically we needed to get to Costco before they closed. We got coffee, frozen chicken, lamb shanks, ziplock bags, cheese, baking soda, and vinegar. Then Violet and I got dinner there. She got a hot dog and I got a chicken bake. Justin wasn't hungry.

We stop for milkshakes at Sonic on the way home. I had chocolate.

Checkers is super excited for us to get home. He has to pee super bad.

Justin and I sit down and watch some TV while Violet plays on the computer.

I can't sit still for long though. I start a load of laundry.

And then I pull out the mussels my dad had sent me earlier in the week. Each mussel is guaranteed to have a pearl inside, but the shape and color and size are totally unknown. Violet opens hers first. And the pearl goes down the drain. Luckily it was the side with the food disposal, so it was just sitting there. I was elbow deep in the sink trying to fish that pearl up.

When I got my mussel opened, there was a pink pearl inside!

Violet got the silver one, mine was pink, and Justin got blue.

We're all sitting around playing on our devices and the power goes out! It comes back on within the second though. Apparently there was an explosion at a power plant.

I take Checkers out for potty time again and he pees under the moonlight.

Violet shows me her gold fidget spinner and encourages me to play with it.

As we're getting ready for bed Justin sees a mouse in our closet. We've been hearing them in the walls and one chewed through the wall. We've been trying to get rid of them. I realize there's a dead mouse in our electric mouse trap. As I'm trying to pull it down, Justin screams like a little girl and I knock my head on the closet. Apparently there's a mouse in the basket with my scarves. Violet and I are giggling so incredibly hard, Justin's screaming. I set the mouse traps back up in a new configuration.
NOTE: the fucking mouse didn't get into the mousetrap last night and I have no clue where it is now, except the sticky trap that was up there too had fallen on the ground sometime over night.

For as brave as my man is about some things, he is scared of mice. He sleeps on the couch because he says he won't be able to sleep knowing a mouse is running around the closet. Checkers and him sleep in the living room. I tried to have Checkers sleep in the room with me, but he keeps jumping on me.

It's another late night, but I finally get to sleep around midnight.

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