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June 17: Crawfish Party

I wake up far too early. I'm visiting San Francisco for the weekend for my family's annual crawfish party. It's the first time my boyfriend and his daughter have been to San Francisco. I wake up early because Justin and I are sleeping in my brother's old bedroom and the bed is exceptionally hard. I see this text message from the night before from my friend Carrie. I fall back asleep for a few hours.

When I do finally get up, I go upstairs and drink coffee with my mom.

I get started doing some party prep. I peel the onions. Violet comes up and assists me.

Mom cuts some copies of the invite, to have them around. Every year we have a different movie poster invite. This year was A Clawwork Orange. I am still certain that one year we should do Edward Clawhands. My brother remains adamantly opposed.

There's a lot of prep left to do, but I need to prep myself. I take a shower.

I get myself dressed. I got this shirt in New Orleans and it's perfect!

I make Justin and I smoothies - banana, strawberry, and yogurt.

Next, mom and I shuck corn.

Meanwhile, Justin is slicing some jalapeno for the bacon hot dogs he's going to be grilling later.

I get myself more ready and dry my hair.

I change my clothes. I forget that my mom's idea of "hot" is different than mine now that I'm living in Southern California. I keep the tshirt on though.

We're getting closer to party time! I prep the buffalo chicken dip in the slow cooker.

Mom, Ben, and Justin are downstairs getting the backyard ready. I clean up the kitchen some.

Mom decorates the entrance with our previous invitations. The party has been going much longer than the amount of invites - this year is the 39th annual party put on by my parents. But the movie poster invites is newer.

Justin and I cheese it up, waiting to party! Violet looks on.

We carry the last of the items out. We're ready! Where are our guests?

My brother mans the crawfish boil. My boyfriend mans the grill. Cooking begins!

The afternoon devolves into crawfish and beer.

I am the official crawfish taste tester. Ben pulls one out and asks me if it's done. We are golden!

I wish I had taken more pictures during the party. There were 111 people present throughout the course of the day. I failed at getting pictures of the crawfish table, the grill with the bacon hotdogs, and any of the wonderful desserts and other dishes that other people brought.

My law school girlfriends all came and I am so happy.

Mom and I show off our matching shirts.

By 8PM the party has cleared out. We work on cleaning up.

Justin and I take Violet to get ice cream. She gets root beer and coconut. I get pralines and cream. Justin chomps on both.

I forgot to take pictures when we got home, but we went to bed and spent the next day being tourists.

Don't forget! I'll make a reminder when we get a bit closer, but July 1st is the date I'm challenging you to document!

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