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February 20, 2017

OK So we woke up and got out the door before remembering we intended to do a DITL today. But here's where we spend our first hour of consciousness.

Here's me getting ready to get on the road.

Play a little as I wait for my friend to arrive.

We're at the zoo today!

These guys have quite the impressive wingspan which I unfortunately didn't get a shot of.

There are two warthogs sunbathing

And you guys? They put the warthogs right next to the meerkats. ROFL *dies*

The black rhino isn't very black, but he does have some black in his ears, maybe he was named for?

I love giraffes. They're so awkward.


This makes me tear up.

Awkward placement of the lions - they're right in the line of the sun.

Gorilla with baby

More Gorilla

I think this is called a bongo. Or a boingo. Or something like that.

Little love birds

This bird had a baby this year. Momma and baby were off exhibit, but this is the male.

It's climate controlled for the red panda in this box. Though it really was a lovely day outside.

komodo dragon no longer lives with all the reptiles, but has his own home. The reptile house has been destroyed in favor of a small one with Georgia native animals in it.

Look at the happy family!

They were born in September

And momma does what momma does.

I really want to pet a kangaroo.


Better view of the kangaroos

I come home and I'm starving. I didn't have time for breakfast and it's now 4pm.

A glance at the calendar - it's full this week.

I debate going to track. I decide not to go, and later regret it.

I'm cooking. Aggie is helping.

Dinner is done

Ancho chicken and veggies from Freshly

After I eat, Rogue and Jack eat.

Do my dailies

Give myself stickers for the things I have done.

Vitamins. Now in gummy form since I hate swallowing pills and keep refusing to take them when they are in pill form.

Put on my pajamas

Read my bible

Add my new orangutan to my stuffed animal collection

And dessert.

Good night.

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