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January 23, 2017

Weather: 53 and drizzling. Pretty nasty.
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

 photo IMG_2357_zpsasfrbgwb.png
I slept from 4am to 12pm, so 8 hours. I actually woke up moments before the alarm, but I just lay in bed relaxing for those few minutes.

 photo IMG_2358_zpsqx4dgbqf.jpg
A doctor's appointment - there will be no pictures at the doctor's office because I don't want to accidentally get a picture of another veteran/patient or whatever. But I do go to my psychiatrist's and have an acceptable discussion with her about family planning, and what meds I'll have to not take if I do get pregnant.

 photo IMG_2196_zpsxttsamxr.jpg
Come home and try to take a nap. It fails, but I do get some good cuddles with this little bugger.

 photo IMG_2359_zpszlhvuyrq.jpg
Brunch is this bagel.

 photo IMG_2360_zps9zuuo8n2.jpg
Aaron comes to say hello while I'm cooking.

 photo IMG_2361_zpskx6oxvsj.jpg

 photo IMG_2363_zpsnbnjmgpm.jpg
I've gotten some cream cheese on my hands - Jack is there to help!

 photo IMG_2364_zpsjizzgctp.jpg
I feel like every DITL has an image like this.

 photo IMG_2365_zpskrwbz2go.jpg
I've done a few things today - last night really after midnight when I couldn't sleep.

 photo IMG_2366_zpsdwh0qqvz.jpg
Youtube, twitter, and facebook are going to get together and form one company called "you twit face"

 photo IMG_2367_zpsrvumfrgy.jpg
German licorice candies. I haven't decided what I think of them. They're not bad, but they're not exactly good, either. Still, I'm eating them because they're something to suck on and have some kind of flavor and it stops me from eating a million carbs.

 photo IMG_2368_zpsmrncmgi3.jpg
Check LJ (don't worry, this is a feed not anyone's private lj page).

 photo IMG_2369_zpst0ukfqci.jpg
I have a migraine starting, and decide to take advil migraine before it gets bad. This kills the headache, but the auras continue for another hour, and the nausea never quite leaves.

 photo IMG_2370_zps1g6pzk85.jpg
Snack time

 photo IMG_2371_zpsgoyuur0l.jpg
Let the dog chew the trash because it makes him happy. He's a dummy.

 photo IMG_2375_zpsoqropxye.jpg
Put on pajamas because we're clearly not driving while we're hallucinating and having auras. Cute cats are on the bed being cute.

 photo IMG_2372_zpsjyt0z2tv.png
Inform husband he can call me when he gets off work since most Mondays I'd be at the photo lab.

 photo IMG_2376_zps11a6swyr.jpg
Rogue needs a haircut, but we can't afford it.

 photo IMG_2377_zpsjsuulpsx.jpg
Realize there's no pictures of me in this DITL yet. Take a selfie. I thought I had lost this shirt, and just dug it out of the closet last week. I was pretty excited!

 photo IMG_2381_zpsdkekk1sd.jpg
Jack is cute.

 photo IMG_2382_zpswfmji2kk.jpg
Look, the DITLs have posted! :D

 photo IMG_2383_zpsviupgxwe.jpg
See what I mean about eating too many carbs if I don't keep my mouth busy with something else?

 photo IMG_2373_zpsgpgaxcl2.png
Playing scrabble with both my parents.

 photo IMG_2384_zpspcspxhzg.jpg
Dinner is turkey from Freshly.

 photo IMG_2385_zps37hhotid.jpg
Also dinner.

 photo IMG_2386_zpsqsn2rr8e.jpg
Check in with my goals journal.

And the day ends - it's midnight.


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