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A glimpse at my Sunday, December 25th

A glimpse at Christmas Day 2016 for my husband and I in southern Colorado.

Sleeping in is the best present of all!.  After getting up at 6am during the week sleeping in is often the highlight of my weekends.

Take a peek out the bathroom window to see if it snowed - it did!  It's been snowing a lot the last few weeks and we got a few more inches overnight.

Shower and throw on some PJs for lounging around the house in.

Let the pups out (although I know my husband put them out just a bit before this, they get treats when they come back in so they're always eager to go out).

I shoveled the deck and cleared a walkway to the chicken coop just the afternoon before, but the new snow covered all of that.

Say hello to some of the animals.  We've got a bit of a gerbil breeding operation going on as an experiment before potentially opening a pet store in our little town.  So far we're adopting them out pretty quickly, which is a good sign.  Gerbils are fantastic little pets and are super friendly.  The tank on the right has momma, dad and 6 three-week old pups; the one of the left contains three adolescents - one of which is being kept as a breeder as she's gorgeous and particularly friendly, the other two are going to a new home in a week or so.

Parakeets Orville and Wilbur (although pretty sure they're actualy females - either way they're same-gendered siblings).

Power up the workstation.

Make coffee for myself, tea for husband.

Start prepping breakfast.  I'm making apple-cinnamon pancakes and bacon.  Also a sneaky picture of husband in the background on his own computer, in our dining room/office/lounge room.  We spend most of our waking hours in here.

Mmm breakfast. I'm not sure why the pancakes are arranged differently.

Husband is very, very happy with his pancakes.

While we're eating we watch some Home Alone.  Fun fact: in the scene in Buzz's room right after Kevin wakes up and discovers his family missing, there is a monster-shaped light switch cover that was made by my husband's late Aunt, who was a metal artist in Taos.  We have the same one in our home, and he actually has a tattoo inspired by it on one of his calves as a tribute to her (they were very close).

After breakfast I do some chores - tend to the chickens, shovel the deck and the front steps/walk.

Before and after shoveling:

We've accumulated quite a pile from shoveling the porch.  Any more and I'm going to have to put it somewhere else.

We decided to introduce the new female breeder with her future husband, using our bathtub as neutral territory.  She's not quite at breeding age yet, but he's a really docile little gentleman.  They're not sure about each other yet, but they're friendly.  His siblings went to a new home a few weeks ago and he's been really lonely (he's very social) so we wanted him to have a friend/wife ASAP.

Kafka the dog is incredibly interested in this process.  We've had a variety of rodents in the past so he's used to them and loves the way they smell.

Now in their new home together after no issues with the introduction.  My husband is on break for two weeks (he's a teacher), so he'll be monitoring them closely to make sure they get along.
(And as of Monday they're sleeping together and loving each other).

Now it's time to open presents!  Husband lights a (gas) fire in the fireplace for the ambiance.

Our living room is very festive.  We never actually hang out in here, so we took some pictures to commemorate it.

Stockings first!  I love mine.  These contained just neck gaitors.  We both try not to eat much sugar so no candy.

Opening presents!  I took a millon pictures, here is a little collage of them.  Neck gaiters, swiss army knives and new full-face motorcycle helmets for both of us (husband is obsessed about safety, understandably, and decided the 3/4 face helmets just didn't cut it for highway riding, which we do a great deal of), a water bottle and a wireless phone charger for me, and a scarf, Late Show mug and book for husband.

Also this.  I've been accepted into a teaching program that will start next summer, and my current IT job has a pretty casual dress code so I need dressier clothes.  I don't always have the best experiences shopping (why the heck can't pants be consistently sized, and why does someone who is 5'7 need to wear tall sizes which can never be found unless I want my pants 3 inches above my shoes?!?!)...and his version of shopping is buying the same pair of pants every six months so he doesn't understand.  Him offering shopping is pretty monumental.

One of the gaiters I ordered, a tye-dye one, was out of stock so they sent this one instead.  It's not my style and I won't ever wear it, but it was fun to pose in.

After cleaning up from the presents we have a light lunch/snack - for me a cheese stick and some homemade pickles that were gifted to me.

Then I make some more coffee and read through this some.  I am taking the English Content Praxis (teaching exam) in February and I haven't studied literature for a long time (and missed much of it from moving a lot as a kid) so I am trying to read through this entire 900-page book, in addition to studying writing and grammar and whatnot, before I take it.  As terrible as that sounds, this book is amazing and gives me a decent overview of all of the books that it includes.

After a few hours (I apparently sucked at timechecks this time) I get sick of reading and decide to start dinner.  First I start on deviled eggs that will be an appetizer.

Not pretty, but yummy.  The plastic bag I used to squeeze the filling in slightly exploded and I ended up with more on me and the counter than in the eggs.  I swear I've done this before.

While the rest of dinner is cooking, I fold some laundry.

Christmas Dinner!  Ham, red and sweet potatoes (husband dislikes sweet potatoes, I obsessively like them) and a salad with mixed greens, cranberries, almonds, feta and a cranberry balsamic dressing.

After eating and cleaning up from dinner we head to the see Rogue One!!! I've actually never been a Star Wars fan (I just didn't grow up with it, whereas my husband did and he absolutely loves them) but they're growing on me.

We went to bed right after getting home.  All that eating and present-opening was just exhausting.

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

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