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Saturday challenge - views from the compound

This is what had been planned for Saturday in advance:

- A flight to Florida for a friends' wedding
- A return flight Sunday
- An improv performance that evening with my troupe

But then things changed. Dramatically. And most unfortunately.
My wife Brenda--an almost 20-year Non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor--was diagnosed with breast cancer.
She underwent a double mastectomy Wednesday and discharged from the hospital late Friday.

Since then, the family room love seat has been her recovery space.
A double mastectomy limits your upper extremity range of motion and strength.
We were propping up her arms to a comfortable level with a series of pillows and folded blankets.

The ledge between the family room couch and the telly has become the med counter.
She developed numbness in her right hand fingers post-op (apparently common, it's improving) and can't open child-proof bottles on her own. I lay out meds in advance.

My easel from our 4th (typically, my hobby room) has become our medication tracker.
We borrowed this idea directly from the hospital. Works just as well.

Our second bathroom has become the 'medical' bathroom (she uses the first, I use the third)
Here's where I clear the lines, then empty her four surgical drains twice a day.
There's vials cuz I have to measure, then chart the amounts to track for any irregularity.
So far, so good.

For any who'd like to donate t'ward the cost of her care, here's a link to her GoFundMe.

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