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December 17, 2016

This is the challenge day! It wasn't wholly exciting, but this is a typical Saturday.

I had stayed the night at my boyfriend's house the night before. I wake up at 7:14, one minute before the alarm is set to go off. He has to work on Saturday.

I lay in bed for another house before I get up. Justin showers and gets dressed for work and I don't get up til the last second I have to.

We leave the house at about 9:40. Justin's driving to work in my car this morning because he left his car at work the night before.

We stop at Starbucks first. We ordered skinny vanilla lattes with almond milk.

After I drop him off, I make the hour drive towards my house.

An hour of driving and I'm home.

I check my mailbox and got this beautiful card from postcrossing from Japan. The sender actually drew this and had it printed on postcard paper. Beautiful!

That reminds me - it's Christmas movie time! I turn on a movie called Love at the Christmas Table.

As I watch the movie I write out a Christmas card that hadn't been sent yet and a few postcards of my own for postcrossing.

After the movie's over, I have a dress up party in my bathroom. I'm trying to figure out what to wear for Christmas Eve at my boyfriend's house. I take pictures of several outfits and post them to blog. This is the outfit that's winning out.

Isabelle comes out of hiding to find me.

As I'm sitting on the couch, I make a grocery list. I don't need a lot, but I'm out of lunch stuff.

I get to the store at about 1:30. I'm in and out relatively quick.

While I was at the store I picked up a rotisserie chicken. I have that and some sliced provolone for lunch.

I turn on a Christmas horror movie, A Christmas Horror Movie, and I play on the computer.

I update my LJ.

Then I tackle this mess. I am downsizing from two bookshelves to one, so I had to go through my books and decide what was staying and what was going.

bookishgeek was a hostess in a LulaRoe battle. And uh, I can't control myself, so I bought this dress.

It might be 5:30, but I've wasted the day and I want a cup of coffee.

At 6 Justin called. You see, I had every intention of being home tonight and making cookies. But he was having a rough day at work and needed to do something to get his mind off of it, so he wanted to go see Rogue One. So I took a shower, because it was okay to be greasy at home, but not if I'm going in public.

Before I go, I download the podcast I'm currently listening to.

I get dressed and dry my hair. I also do my makeup and get ready to leave.

At 8, I get in my car. I left the Christmas tree lights on because I love them. Off I go!

Just before 9 I get to Justin's work. I sit outside for 5 or so minutes until he clocks out and gets to the car.

We get to the 9:20 showing of Rogue One and get seated.

The movie lets out just before midnight. We go to his house and I forget to take any pictures. We pass out not long after.

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