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I challenged you to give us a glimpse into your day on Saturday December 17! What are you going to be doing? I'll probably be cleaning my house or something equally unexciting. But I hope you'll share your day with us!

This is a reminder! I'll make another reminder the day before our challenge begins!

  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge starts TOMORROW

    Tomorrow starts your all meals & snacks photo challenge from Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October. Eat well!

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    I had wanted to participate in this month's day challenge, but I totally forgot on the 15th. So I did it on the 16th instead, which was a more…

  • Reminder: All Meal Challenge

    From Monday, 25 October to Saturday, 30 October take pictures of all meals & snacks that you have during the week. Bon appetit!

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