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December 6th 2016

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Holy hell it's early. Why am I awake this early?

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Let's look at the agenda for the day.

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We're bored on the internet.

Somewhere in here we've fallen back asleep and woken up again at 9. It's raining, but there isn't much traffic.

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Day treatment. For veterans with major mental health concerns.

 photo IMG_2180_zpssrvw9pol.jpg

some of my classes for the day

 photo IMG_2181_zpsfjyvh3o4.jpg

Elementary school to read to a 2nd grader.

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We've gone to the aquarium

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The garden eels are some of my favorites, but they're not very interesting to watch for long periods of time.

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 photo IMG_2187_zpshlvpneha.jpg

Some more of my favorite animals.

 photo IMG_2188_zpshlyhlnxj.jpg

 photo GEAQ-PEC_2016-12-06T144137000-0500_66e7a80a-0ec8-406f-bd6a-a1c83b0ac2df copy_zpshkql5z2j.jpg

What we're really here for.

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December continuation of our November write ins.

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 photo IMG_2193_zpsquenchme.jpg


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Procrastinate a little

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Home to Christmas cards

 photo IMG_2196_zpsxttsamxr.jpg

And a cute puppy who missed his mommy all day.

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