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Happy Thanksgiving

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I think there's an obligate one like this for every DITL I've done. Oh well. Bottoms up!

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Doing good!

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I originally planned to not do my dailies today but I ended up doing them anyway, so I later came out of the inn.

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 photo IMG_2135_zpsvujw0mj5.jpg
He really hates the camera, so I'm lucky to get a good picture of him.

 photo IMG_2136_zpsslxhsfaq.jpg
The cat will watch while I facebook.

 photo IMG_2142_zpspvrp06cn.jpg
The leaves are finally starting to change.

 photo IMG_2143_zpspv67h9eg.jpg
We've gotten to mom's house.

 photo IMG_2144_zpskmshdvhg.jpg
I break one of the cardinal rules of photography and just cut off the feet...

 photo IMG_2145_zpsk45sxa4u.jpg
Hubby gets to see his buddy again.

 photo IMG_2146_zpskfy3bcy6.jpg
I don't care who wins this game. But the lions did.

 photo IMG_2147_zpsueyxgrvi.jpg
Dad wanted the Lions to win, so he's happy.

 photo IMG_2148_zpstx5ijmkm.jpg
Mom doesn't care either, and husband is playing Pokemon.

 photo IMG_2149_zps0n1cjgbw.jpg
Dad carves a turkey

 photo IMG_2150_zpsoy5nestt.jpg
We're eating in the dining room today.

 photo IMG_2151_zpsjzjwmbio.jpg
zOMG the carbs.

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 photo IMG_2153_zps3fvawoyc.jpg
We reconvene outside because it's hot in the house and 70F outside.

 photo IMG_2154_zpsvmw7lusn.jpg
Where did you put the dog food, Dan?

 photo IMG_2155_zpsxybqeswr.jpg
You told me to move things around in the fridge to put things away!

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 photo IMG_2157_zpswgva2voq.jpg
My Pie

 photo IMG_2158_zpsqbv2qhab.jpg
Even Bennett gets some pie. Crumbs.

 photo IMG_2159_zps3xmkajwe.jpg
It got dark way too early given how hot it is outside.

 photo IMG_2133_zpsimej9mmf.png

 photo IMG_2166_zpsqr1ivxdh.jpg
We're back home, and we fight the dog trying to get a decent picture for a while.

 photo IMG_2167_zpsa2bmwsft.jpg
I realize I've done this whole thing without a picture of myself so I take a selfie.

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 photo IMG_2170_zpsxxsazq8p.jpg
Someone seems to think she deserves to be fed. Whatever Rogue. Don't you know we're intentionally starving you?

 photo IMG_2171_zpschshfawz.jpg
Aggie joins me on the couch

 photo IMG_2172_zpsyyrfbftw.jpg
Aaron assumes his traditional position. I think him being in the room with me all the time means he loves me, and just doesn't know how to show affection.

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