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A Week of Outfits? Sorta.

Kinda sorta REALLY meant to keep this challenge.
Two 'problems' tho.

- It was an exceptionally eventful week. There was my birthday, my birthday weekend half-marathon and then a weekend drive to Winnipeg in the space of less than a week.

- I'm a man. A grown-up man with markedly sharp opinions on What To Wear.
I wear This, That and The Other. And that's all. In different colors.
When they wear out? Replaced with the Same Thing.

At least I'm easy to shop for.

That having been said?
We'll start with a representative pic of What I Wear To Work.

Actual Birthday Dinner @ Cosetta, St. Paul.
Solid Ralph Lauren Classic Polo Shirt, Dockers D3s (I'm black so there's an actual ass back there) and Dockers Agent Shoes, either brown or black in Size 12 wide.
B's tried to change my shirt brand or buy some with stripes but ummm NEWP.

The rest of my workweek would consist of the same shirt/pants in different solid colors.
I'm a bit more interesting/varied when not working, so that's what I'll tuck beneath the cut.

16 hallow package came.jpg

Let's see. I was Deadshot for the Monster Dash...

16 hallow package came.jpg

...but Falcon for Halloween. I preferred the Falcon costume, but it didn't come in time for my 13-miler.

how fatty kyoto.jpg

I like wearing either meaningful souvenir or 'If Ya Don't Know' tees on weekends.
Preferably a bit of both.

how fatty sapporo.jpg

This one's from an amusement park in Iowa--but more of a muted reference to the $5 beers in the waterpark.

This year's USF Halloween Horror tee is a bit more obvious than most, but the event was such a good time.
And almost as scary as Mystery Spam at this hotel in Grand Forks.

Yesterday's tee is from Schlitterbahn Kansas City.
Yes, that Schlitterbahn from the tragic waterslide accident in the headlines this summer.
Yes, I've been on that slide, too. No, I wasn't there this year.
Of all things, it was a bit of a message to the missus.
Things could have gone wrong that day. Lucky us, they didn't.

Here's today's tee with my Same Old weekend pants. Unless I'm in a situation where they could get torn, stained or crawled on a floor? I'm in pair of Lucky Jeans.

Incidentally, there's no foreshortening in that photo. Those bags of chips are next to my body.
Canadians must get the munchies like a mutha-SHETCHO-mouf.

That's about it. Sorry to be so predictable!

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