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A week of outfits

Monday, October 31: I dressed as a Harry Potter-esque witch at work that day.  I planned to use purple temporary dye in my hair, akin to Nymphadora Tonks, but I awoke to a text from my coworker at 7:20 (I was supposed to be in at 7) and had to rush to get dressed as I had a training to give at 8:00am.  We have a photo booth of sorts at work that's used to take badge pictures and we were playing around taking pictures of our costumes in it.

Tuesday, November 1st: Forgot :(

Wednesday, November 2nd: Normal work day, used the photo booth again for fun

Thursday, November 3rd: This is a new Patagonia dress that my husband got me for my birthday.  I sometimes crawl under desks (I work in IT) so pants of some sort are always a necessity.  And those two pieces combine are like wearing pajamas to work, which is just awesome.

Friday, November 4th: I work a 4x10 schedule, so I was off that day.  I put on my gym clothes when I got dressed in the morning, and then ended up walking all over town to run errands in those clothes until I finally made it to the gym later that day.

Saturday, November 5th: Another errand day - what I wore to go to our local sports outfiiter and hardware store to buy new gutters before it starts snowing.

Sunday, November 6th: I have spent much of the day on the couch as I'm feeling a little under the weather.  This blanket was a key component of my outfit.


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