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A summer day in october

 photo IMG_2091_zpsqd4xxard.jpg

The morning starts out early - 5am I'm up, I just don't want to acknowledge it yet. I try to get back to sleep while my husband showers, but it doesn't work.

 photo IMG_2093_zpsxn6gksep.jpg

This was already slightly ripped, but someone ripped it up last night to find a comfortable place to sleep. Little bastard.

 photo IMG_2094_zpssskzaywh.jpg

My morning dose of politics.

 photo IMG_2095_zpsspykh3xa.jpg

Aggie comes to hang out.

 photo IMG_2096_zpswyuo0rfb.jpg

I change into one of my few not-funny t-shirts.

 photo IMG_2098_zpsrf68lkkk.jpg

8am means traffic on Buford Hwy. It's always there at 8, usually goes away by 9.

 photo IMG_2100_zpsr3jhfwj5.jpg

Into the office building.

 photo IMG_2101_zps2liz0w6d.jpg

Into the waiting room to wait for group to start. We do paperwork for the day, and talk.

 photo IMG_2105_zps1t0hpm4s.jpg

After group, I get my lunch, and head to my next appointment.

 photo IMG_2106_zps0m2s1ybi.jpg

Stripling Elementary School

 photo IMG_2107_zpsprp13ft2.jpg

 photo IMG_2109_zpsyeloenf0.jpg

My student and I fill out a worksheet all about him, and then I read him a book.

 photo IMG_2108_zpsvpp8s8gj.jpg

Then I head to my final appointment for the day - my therapist.

 photo IMG_2110_zpswy3xgvtc.jpg

Come home to email.

 photo IMG_2111_zpsgg3nkvcr.jpg

And daily tasks

 photo IMG_2113_zpsvsmfc893.jpg

Lunch meds

 photo IMG_2114_zpssv8r39rx.jpg

Supposed to be taken with food, and it's been a while since lunch, so I eat this cookie.

 photo IMG_2115_zpsbcjqzzrg.jpg

Fill up my cup with water.

 photo IMG_2116_zpspldk5xni.jpg

I'm "cooking" lol

 photo IMG_2117_zpsc4lmm0mz.jpg

And dinner meds. I immediately fall asleep around 6pm Zzz.

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