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Lazy Sunday DITL!

Mary Lou. 26. PNW.
Here is my lazy Sunday 10-16-16.

I stayed up till 3 AM the night before so I wake up wayyyy later than I typically do. Oh well, I have the day off anyways :)!

I roll over and find my boyfriend talking to the cat in hopes of convincing her to jump up and hang out with us. She prefers to sit and stare instead lol.

I walk out to the living room and find someone that is miraculously sleeping in longer than I did!

I start putting a magical breakfast casserole together.

Snickerdoodle watches me intently to make sure that I do everything right.

I do the dishes after putting the casserole in the oven.


It's pouring rain outside so I light a nice smelling candle to make everything better haha.

I check all my daily sites (tumblr, facebook, twitter, gmail).

Finally get a good look at myself and realize how crazy bad my bed head is! I have naturally curly hair and I need to either wash or braid it in the morning or else it just looks like this...

I decided to braid it because I have errands to do and I didn't feel like washing and styling it this morning.

I go to the bedroom to try and make the bed but Snickerdoodle has other plans. I always feel bad making my cats move if I don't absolutely need them to so I leave her be.

I chat with Christian for awhile until I hear the oven timer go off!

It may not look the best but I can assure you it is freakin delicious! I used this recipe. Hash Brown and Egg casserole rules.

We watch That 70's Show while we eat breakfast. Such a good show!

Christian approves of the magical cassrole.

I asked Snickerdoodle if I could make the bed now and this was her response. I guess I'll wait until later.

I slowly start getting ready to head out and do errands.

Try to make myself look somewhat more awake. I'm still SO tired.

One of my favorite things about getting ready is picking a scent to wear. I go with french lavendar honey :)

Christian pops up and shows off his awesome sweater!

I finally finish getting ready. I bundle up because it's been crazy windy and rainy all weekend. There was a bunch of talk about a huge storm coming through our area but thankfully nothing really happened in our neck of the woods.

We hop in the car and head to my friend's house because...

I'm taking care of her guinea pigs while she's away on vacation! Aren't they the cutest?!

We say goodbye to the piggies and stop at Barnes and Noble!

My happy place :)!

We get Starbucks and browse around the store for a long time.

We were going to go grocery shopping but we decide to head home instead. Mochi looks sort of happy to see us!

Our Barnes and Noble purchases! I get cards for my friends, a box of chocolate biscuits for my boss (Boss Day is on 10/17) and a gift card. Christian bought two art magazines.

Mochi lays on Christian and gets all the pets for awhile.

She turns around and judges me for not petting her enough!

She still won't let me make the bed.

I end up napping for a little bit. If you can't beat em, join em!

I wake up and make some tea for us. This tea is really yummy!

I sip my tea in the living room while flipping through the new magazines.

Christian works on making music.

Dinner time rolls around and we end up re-heating leftover indian food from the night before. Curry is one of my favorite meals!

We watch House of Cards during dinner. We've been slowly watching the latest season.

Mochi cries "but what about MY dinner?!"

Feed the kitties.

Spend time on snapchat. A lot of friends snap about the recent Seahawks game.

Christian plops diagonally on the bed so that I'm forced to get up and actually take care of the rest of my nightly chores. He's doing me a huge favor since I will be super grumpy the next morning if I don't take care of certain things the night before work.

I pick out my outfit for work the next day.

I pack up an easy lunch. That canned soup was so horrible (never tried it before) and it was the ultimate punishment for being too lazy to make homemade chicken noodle soup. Never again.

Wash the dishes from dinner.

Wipe my makeup off and decide to do a sheet mask.

I love sheet masks! So much easier and less messy than a normal face mask.

Snickerdoodle thinks I look too scary so she sits in the door way and stares at me like I'm an alien.

I take a bubble bath to help me reflax before bed. I sometimes find it hard to sleep on Sunday nights because I start thinking about the upcoming work week too much.

I bake pumpkin spice cookies. We may or may not have devoured this entire plate in one night...

Refill my water bottle since I'm winding down for bed. I have to use a water bottle at night because I ALWAYS end up knocking over my glass of water if I put it on my bedside table.

Brush my teeth while admiring my awesome night light/air freshener in the bathroom.

Christian asks if I want to watch something. What? More netflix?! Of course.

We decide to re-watch The Office. Christian has only seen random episodes so I'm excited to watch the entire series with him.

Put some lotion on. Love this stuff.

The last thing I do is check on my cats in Neko Atsume!

Then I end up eventually passing out. Thanks for viewing my super lazy Sunday :)!

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