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I'm Anjelica, 28, living in Seattle. Monday, October 3rd was my last day at my former job and I only had a half-day scheduled, so it's a day of hanging out with my boyfriend and our pets.

Good morning!   If you read my DITLs before, you might be thinking that it's 6am.  Nope!  I don't work until 2:30 today and my boyfriend, Noah, has a rotating day off, so we're both sleeping in!

A quick catchup if you're used to reading my South Korea DITLs: after 3.5 years in Korea, I moved to Seattle after Christmas.  Why Seattle?  Because while in Korea, I met Noah.  Seattle is his hometown.  For the past 9 months I've been working at a wellness clinic, but tomorrow I'll be starting a new job!

Time check and searching for things to do today.  I saw on the SeattleWA Reddit that someone was looking for a cider mill for donuts and apple picking.  That's exactly what I'm looking for!  Unfortunately it's all about a 90 minute drive away.

Elise is still in bed.

...But Clementine is awake!  Noah and I adopted her in July.  She's a 7 year old chihuahua-terrier mix.  We adopted her from Homeward Pet in Woodinville, so if you're in the Seattle area and looking for a new family member, check them out.  They're no kill and the prices are super cheap.

Time for a bathroom break!

Hmm, the plants are looking better.

Down into the backyard to pee.

"Hmmm, do I smell the pee of another dog?"

And now back up!

Inside, Elise is waiting for breakfast.

Time check + adding things to my packing list.  In less than 2 weeks Noah and I will be flying to my hometown of Detroit for my best friend's wedding.

Diaper time.  This month Clem's decided to start marking in the house.  We've tried restricting access to different areas or keeping her on a leash indoors, but the only thing we've found that works is a diaper.  She's very good about putting it on and wearing it.

"oh help"

Yawn, stretch.

I go into the spare room to do some reading.  It gets better sunlight in the morning.

I'm reading Saga.  If you're at all into graphic novels (or if you aren't, honestly), give it a try!  It's really engaging.

"Are we taking pictures?"

Elise sees something outside.

Can you see the strain on my face?  This picture was the end result of 10+ pictures, trying to get them to look at me.

By the way: some of these photos might look like they've been taken by another person.  Actually, I used my selfie stick.

Noah walks quickly by and Clem gets up to investigate.  He has to move his car by 9am and it's 9:30!

Back to bed.

We had discussed catching a movie this morning,  but there's nothing good showing.  Also, I'm getting a spot!

Making an effort.  I've been trying to get used to contacts, but I hate them.

In the kitchen, Noah is making breakfast!  A chorizo scramble.


Pondering a poop.

I'll wait.  The frames on the table are for our Day of the Dead altar.  Since I've been abroad so long, it's been a while since I've had a nice one, and so we picked up some frames the day before.

At last!

Noah is still waging war with the Sunday crossword.

Please pay attention to me.

Clothes for the day.  The boots were free from the Buy Nothing facebook group and the dress was free from a foreigner clothing swap in Korea.  And yes it's the same dress that I wore for the last 10 DITLs :)

Contemplating the weather and suggesting a walk.  Noah's butt looks really big there and I don't know how.

I decided to try mascara today.  Normally I wear powder and eyeliner, but I want something new.  Unfortunately I only wear mascara for weddings of NYE, so this bottle is old and clumpy.  Any suggestions?  I don't want any more length, I just want my eyelashes to be darker and maybe curled more.

Time for your walk!

We thrifted her this sweater.

Alert ears.

Grateful ears.

We decide to walk her through the Arboretum.

A new friend!  This does my heart some good.  Clem was great with dogs when we got her.  Then she was fearful and snappy.  Then she was fine.  Then she was barky.  Now she might be back to fine?

At the house, she begs for cuddles.  This is the clingiest, neediest dog I've ever encountered.

We sign her up for Doggy Haven's Cautious to Confident classes.  We wanted to sign her up for them before, but they never fit with our schedule.  Luckily, Noah's taken a promotion recently, so he'll be able to choose Thursdays for his rotating day off.

It's after noon, now, and I've got work at 2:30.  We decide to head to a cafe now the street from my office.

Noah stops at Starbucks to see if they have the paper.  He wants to try the Monday crossword.  Turns out that they do have the paper, but no seating.  He takes the crossword and we leave.  Check out this cool dog.

We go down the street to another coffee shop.  Just as he's pulling in, the power steering goes!  Noah gets out to refill it.

Inside the cafe: I'm drinking chai hot cocoa and reading Saga, he's doing the crossword and drinking drip.

I forgot to upload the next chapter. :(  I switch to Without You, There Is No Us: My Time With the Sons of North Korea.  Pretty interesting so far.

We stay for about an hour and then get in the car.  However, it's making an awful noise.

Noah decides to walk down to Jiffy Lube.  I'm about 5 blocks from my work, so I decide to just walk there.

But first, I have to print, sign, and scan the background check form for my new position.  Luckily there's a UPS nextdoor.  I've got 15 minutes.

And with just enough time, I arrive at work!

It's a bittersweet last day.  My replacement has been in training and I've been coming in to help out or to advise her.  But there's still lots to be done.  My boss is going on a trip the next day, so the office will be closed to patients for two weeks.  That means there's lots of paperwork and lots of double checking for me to do.

Bathroom break at 4:01!  Noah updates me.

At 6:29, I'm done!

Goodbye, office :(  I'm sad.  I loved working there.  I loved my boss.  I learned lots of great new skills and I'm excited for the future, but I've had so much change in the last year that I just want something that I can grow with.

Outside, my bus is here.

Chats while I ride home.  Tiffany (a friend and neighbor from Korea!) has moved to Kirkland and I was interviewing for a position in the same building as her.  I did get an offer, but went with a job downtown instead.  Meanwhile, I got an email from HR saying that my start date will be Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  Bummer!

Off my bus, I have to walk down this spooky street.

I facetime my sister for company, and we talk until I get home.

In the kitchen, Noah is making dinner.

It's one of our favorites!  Garlic pesto pasta with mushrooms and chicken and asparagas.

Hurry up pasta!

We eat in front of the TV.

Noah loves X-Files.

Clem is content and occupied.

And Elise is cuddly.

After the episode, I remove my contacts and mascara.  It's about 8pm and neither are comfortable.

A little experiment: a patient once told me that wrapping a candle in aluminum foil causes the wax on the sides to melt down, so that you can get the longest use out of the candle.

Uploading my pictures.

Around this time I went into the bathroom and saw that there was a bit of pee on the rug!  We were both angry.  Clementine had peed her diaper earlier so it was in the wash, which is why she wasn't wearing anything and was able to mark in the bathroom. (FYI, she gets two potty breaks in the morning, one at night, and two walks.  So that's 5 chances to pee throughout the day.  She never had this problem until a couple weeks ago.)

Noah takes the dog for a walk and returns with ice cream for me!  I've been getting a bit lactose intolerant and already feeling a bit dodgy because of the cream pasta, but fuck it, why not.

I send my sister a book.  I've heard it recommended for if you're in an abusive relationship.  Luckily I am NOT, and Noah and I get along great, but I do tend to be a bit suspicious of men, so I thought this book would be a great place to start.

Re-diapering the baby.  Yes, that's a cut up pad in her diaper.

What a little turd.

I show Noah some of the pictures.

And decide to sit on the ground.  My stomach doesn't feel well :(

After about an hour of being sick, I'm feeling much better and join Noah on the couch:

I even look worse for wear hahah :'(  I tried to get Noah to "act natural" for the photo.

...but he won't stop posing!  He told me, "I've been posing all day."  Ok.

It's 11pm and even the dog is ready to sleep.  We find her in her bed.

Elise is also in bed, having a bath.

Turn on the heated blanket, as I am a reptile.

Betime cuddles.  Noah ties her to the dresser.  We do this so that she won't jump into bed with us. She barks/howls in a crate and we can't have her waking our neighbors.  On the leash, she goes to sleep peacefully in her own little bed.

Laughing about our POS pets.

Scoping my boyfriend.


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