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A glimpse at my January 15

Autumn, 31, living in Alamosa, CO. On this day my husband and I went skiing at Monarch Mountain in southwest Colorado.

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We're aiming at arriving at the ski area at 10:00am, and it's a 1.5 hour drive, so we don't have to get up super early.

Took a quick shower to wake up and then started coffee and tea.

A start of all the clothing I'm going to be putting on. The high is supposed to be 21°F with wind and snow all day so we definitely need lots of layers.

Must hydrate. I tend to not drink much while skiing so I don't have to pee every hour and thus spend 5 minutes disrobing every time.

Shoe myself.

Our tickets and a map of the ski area. Neither of us have been there before so I've been trying to study the map so we don't get disoriented too much. We still did, of course.


More clothing and such to be put on. We went skiing on Monday so we had just left it laid out in one of our guest rooms.

Boots and poles to be loaded into the car.  It occurred to me upon looking at this picture that I should get a proper rug for the front door instead of using towels.

Pack up our breakfast, lunch and warm drinks.

All ready to go!

And on the road with a timecheck.

Our view to the east for the first hour or so of the drive - the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

And our view to the north at about an hour in - we're not 100% sure which peak we're looking at in the distance - either Mt Shavano or Tabeguache Peak.

Descending into Arkansas River Valley leading to Poncha Springs, Buena Vista, and Salida off of Poncha Pass.

We head west on Highway 50 and ascend quite a bit; soon after we rise out of that valley we start to see snow.

We have arrived!

Temperature check and timecheck. Not too bad.

Our first lift of the day! It's snowing lightly at this point but will quickly start snowing more heavily. Of course, hat's a good thing for skiing.

Our view from the lift.

Fast forward through two hours of skiing and we take a lunch break.

Husband's snowbeard is melting out. Counter-intuitively, the ice build-up helps keep him pretty warm. I keep saying that I'm going to crochet a beard for myself so I can match him.

After eating we ski for about 3 more hours.

And a short gif of me skiing. I'm still getting the hang of skiing and have not quite yet figured out what to do with my poles so they just flail.

We did our last run just before 4 (when they close) and then took off. Since it snowed all day, the roads were pretty covered.

Had some coffee from my thermos (which is a godsend - hot coffee after skiing is amazing) and had a snack.

In a while we are back to our valley and the sun is setting.
The west side (Sangre de Cristos)

The east side (San Juans)

Time & Temp when we arrive back into town.

We hit up our favorite taco spot for dinner. I forgot to take a picture of the food as I was starving.

Came home and immediately jumped into the very hot shower.

Got some chocolate and wine. My husband made this a few years ago. It's sweet but quite good.

Fed some very hungry pups.

Settle in on the couch to watch some Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Husband is happy to be sitting.


Kafka being silly and happy to be cuddling

And we pass out super early as we're both exhausted.


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