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WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: One Week Of Outfits: October 31 - November 6

Write on your calendars that during the week of OCTOBER 31 to NOVEMBER 6 I'm challenging you to take photographs of your outfits everyday that week. Once the week is over, make a post and share the photographs of your outfits!

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator. Share your outfits during that week, including your Halloween costumes!

Are you in?!

In my last mod-suggestion-post I asked for some things you guys would like to see and this was one of the suggestions received. If you ever have ideas of other types of things you'd like to see, just comment on a mod post!

I'll post reminders for this as we get closer. And always feel free to share a glimpse into your day, any day!

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