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September 21: A Wednesday Work Day

The day in the life of a 29 year old defense attorney in the Southern California desert.

I wake up to my alarm. I have three set, 6, 6:15, and 6:30. I wake up at the first one but wait until 6:30 to get out of bed. My boyfriend (which is a change from my other posts by the way, many things have changed) and I cuddle before we have to pull the covers off.

At about 6:45 he leaves. I wave to him out my window. He lives an hour away and wants to beat the traffic to get home.

I have my morning cup of coffee while I sit on the couch and use my computer.

Isabelle gets her morning hugs in.

I do a before work LJ update.

At 7:20 I start getting ready for work. I pull out my clothes for the day.

This is my "before" face.

I use this eyeshadow palette.

All dressed for the day!

Before I leave, I clean the kitty litter. I got this cool litter box from a kickstarter campaign. It's called Luuup.

I start to leave and then remember it's raining out. I dig out my rain jacket.

Before I leave, I go to the backyard to put the umbrella down. I should have done it the night before, but I forgot. Luckily the wind didn't destroy it.

At 7:51 I'm in my car and off to work.

It only takes me about 6 minutes to get to work. I don't take too many pictures at work, due to privacy concerns. But I walk from my car to the courthouse, where my office is located.

Right before 8:30 I walk from my office to the courtroom, just across the hallway.

I take notes during court and handle my cases. My head is POUNDING during court.

The boyfriend and I are texting on and off all day long, including through court.

When the court finally calls a recess, I go to my office and drink a ton of water and take an advil. Then I'm back in court til about noon.

At lunchtime I go home.

For lunch I have leftover chicken coconut korma.

Isabelle gets her lunchtime cuddles.

At 1, I'm back in my car and off to work I go.

I spend the afternoon in my office.

I get a hankering for chocolate. I go down to the vending machines and get some cookies to munch on.

I do some work in my office. I take a break and read a book on my iPad, Heart-Shaped Hack, which I HATE and decide to stop reading. I give it a 1 on goodreads.

I do some more work, including reading a transcript from a recent preliminary hearing I did.

At 5PM, it's time to go to home!

And once again, I'm home.

I immediately change into something more comfy: my LulaRoe leggings.

Over the weekend I had unpacked a ton of boxes and was left with all this cardboard. I had to wait until my recycling went out though, because it was full. I tear down these boxes and put them outside in the recycling bin.

I unload the dishwasher and put my clean dishes away.

Dinner tonight is care of Hello Fresh, this Thai Pork Stir Fry.

I cooked up the delicious dinner!

As I make dinner, I catch up on The Rap Game.

I enjoy a glass of white wine as I continue to cook.

Dinner is served! I sit on the couch and watch more TV shows as I eat.

For dessert, I need ice cream. So I eat ice cream.

We continue to text back and forth all evening.

At about 8 I just feel super tired, so I turn the lights off in the house, turn the porch light on, and go back to the bedroom.

I do my before bed things, like brush my teeth and wash my face.

I lay in bed and read a chapter.

At about 9 I talk to Justin on the phone. At about 9:30 I call it a night.

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