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Kat, 9-January-2016, Macau

My first A Glimpse at my Day (I did one ADIML style thing on 9-December), it just so happened when I felt like doing another one, it's exactly one month later.

Just a warning (not sure if is needed) there's one photo where I'm folding the laundry so there are underthings showing.

Woke up at 7ish. I didn't plan to have a busy day but plans I did have, and I wanted to get stuff done.

Packed my gym bag as I planned to go to the gym - it's Saturday after all, it's gym morning. Notice Mr. Bear, LOL

My dad wanted to have Chinese breakfast, so he went to get some rice flour rolls 豬腸粉. It was yum, but it was slightly too heavy.

What happens every morning without fail at our place? Dog walking!

Then we got home and I decided to fold the laundry. But the dog was being a nuisance....

Then I got ready to get to the gym.

My gym doesn't allow photos in there, so no shots. Though I have to smile that it was PACKED yesterday... January and new year resolutions? Let's see if in a few weeks the numbers will dwindle down a bit?

After my morning gym session, I took a shower and headed off to take the Galaxy Resort bus as I was going to meet my friends there for a movie. Yes, the casino business isn't too good lately. Lots of vouchers and promotions going on...

And Galaxy Macau, I always laugh when I pass by this lobby. I call this the Superman Lobby. I thought these look like the stones/whatever that would make Superman weak.

First, we had lunch at Tsui Wah, I had Hainan Chicken Rice, yummy! Followed by a Godiva soft ice cream. My understanding of the Godiva chocolate is that it's just a general chocolate brand over in the US? Over here it's like a wow-really-great-exclusive-posh-brand.

We were going to watch the new Sherlock movie! However, since I didn't catch up on Season 3, I kind of was half-lost. So, while I knew Sherlock faked his death, I still haven't watched the how-he-did-it in Season 3. It was still a fun watch though.

So Peanuts was on, but I don't think I'll have the time to watch it. I see the place also placed some Chinese-style-pavilion seats or whatever around.

After movies, I returned home. To find the apartment empty, but the kitchen in disarray, and half-prepared kohlrabis lying around.

Apparently dad stepped out to to the balcony and was watering plants and having a smoke (hah). I also opened up the souvenir my friend got me. Hmmm... citrus hand cream, I love citrus scents!

Soon, it was time for the night walk with the dogs...

Dinner was, minced beef stuffed in kohlrabi.

The dogs and the cat had their dinner...

And I went out to meet with a friend at night.

We walked by some streets that I haven't passed through before... apparently there's a Russian restaurant in town.

We just went to the Japanese tea house to continue our talks about our London trip preparations. With a hochija tea pudding. Yum!

It got pretty late when we left, so I was simply trying to rush home as soon as possible. There wasn't much interesting stuff to see on the way home (or, my bladder got suddenly full half way, so I had to rush)

Plopped off at the bed by 01.20am. Tired. And that was my 9-January-2016

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