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A short August 16th

Wake up and get ready. My blood sugar has been high lately. Not terrible today, but not where they were all June either.

 photo IMG_2024_zpsjqx4bcxh.jpg

Get out and on my way

< photo IMG_2028_zpst4trycim.jpg

img src="http://i961.photobucket.com/albums/ae97/Zhelana/IMG_2025_zpsc8gcpbhv.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo IMG_2025_zpsc8gcpbhv.jpg"/>

 photo IMG_2026_zpsgxkiklu6.jpg

I walk into this building, for docent training class. This is the Jewish museum in Atlanta.

I manage to take this picture before being asked not to take any more pictures inside. A museum where you can't take pictures? Who knew?

 photo IMG_2027_zpswz2hvquw.jpg

 photo IMG_2028_zpst4trycim.jpg

I come home to this. The kids are back in school, and knowing my luck I get stuck behind the bus. *sighs* Summer, come back!

 photo IMG_2032_zpsglhq4hwd.jpg

Lie down for a nap since I've been sleeping through my classes.

 photo IMG_2034_zpskpvv9xgg.jpg

Someone is curious...

 photo IMG_2037_zpslcpnvlcw.jpg

Give up on napping and play with the dog. Pain in the butt that he is!

 photo IMG_2039_zpsiuxnxg4y.jpg

Rogue doesn't want to play.

 photo IMG_2040_zpsur2zx4bb.jpg

It's mom's birthday! Here she is with her dog.

 photo IMG_2041_zpsmhv4o3ur.jpg

The dog also likes Kevin...

 photo IMG_2044_zpscskynmp3.jpg

Dad's at the party too.

I forget about food pics and this is the end of my ditl. :)


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