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I'm Anjelica, 28(!!!), and I just moved from Korea to Seattle. January 5th was my birthday, and there are no warnings.

Elise woke me up.

It's my birthday, and I've been in Seattle for about a week.  For about a year now, many of you have been following my LDR (Korea-US) and hearing about my plans to move to Seattle.  The short version of a long story is that my boyfriend and I met in Korea, and in March he returned to America.  And after 301 days of long distance, I moved to Seattle so that we could begin a life together.  I lived in Korea for over 3 years, so in this entry I'm still struggling with reverse culture shock, jet lag, and just getting used to a new area (I'm originally from Detroit).  Right now I don't have a car (don't want one) or a job (I still have two more months of vacation pay), so my days are mostly just setting up the apartment.

I messaged one of my friends, Georgie, who is still in Korea.  This morning her mother sent me a facebook message wishing me happy birthday!  We're not even facebook friends :')

Back in our room, Noah is still asleep.  I don't like to stay in bed past 7, but it's still novel to be in the same place as him, so I got back under the covers.

8am, my second wake up call!  I can't stay in bed a moment longer!

I began making breakfast.

Finished!  Eggs, bacon, toast.

Still asleep!

I woke him up and we had breakfast, and then he left for work. There aren't any pictures because he wasn't decent :/

I finished my tea...

And then started on setting up the internet!

I procrastinated by watching Teen Mom (on my phone) and chatting.

"Meow, get it done!"

Finished!  Internet at last!  I'm kind of bummed now, though, since I know that we'll just sit around watching TV.

One of the apartment managers stopped by to drop off my mailbox key, and I texted with my mom.  Also, time check!  I need to be at Crossroads mall around 11:30 to meet up with an English language learning group.  I spent some time with them in July, when I was visiting Seattle for the first time, so I'm looking forward to meeting up again.

Guess I'll do the dishes later!

A quick shower...

...toss some clothes on...

And then walk out the door!  I didn't plan it this way, but my keychain represents the three stages of my life: kitty personal protection (Detroit), bibimbap (Jeonju/Daejeon), Mariners (Seattle).

At my second bus stop.  I couldn't take any pictures at the first because people wouldn't stop speaking to me.  Where is this Seattle freeze that I've heard so much about and where can I get some of it?!

At last!  I took a wrong turn and it ended up taking me 2+ hours to get to the mall.  This is about the time when I'm missing Korea and the cheap, accurate, fast public transport.

It was my first time back at the English language learners meet up!  I chatted with some people I knew and met a few new people.  One, a woman named Tanya, said that she liked my face and wanted to take some photos of me!  I actually feel very awkward when people take pictures of me, but I want to make friends, so we exchanged contact information.

The meet up ended soon after that, and I went on the hunt for birthday freebies.

Free drink at Starbucks!

And then a stroll through Joann Fabrics.  Craft stores are one of the biggest things that I missed about America.  Korea tended more toward stationary stores, and craft stores in Korea almost never stocked yarn.  For those I would go to specialty yarn stores (usually run out of someone's home or a little pop up) and pay $10+ for a tiny skein of low quality yarn.

After the craft store, I began the long trek home.

I ran into one of my new friends from the ELLA group, and got a message from the woman that I just met.

Changing buses.  It's so hard for me to accept the long walks and long waits!  Korea has city buses, intercity buses (for the cities within the province), express buses (for all major cities throughout the country), a subway, and four different kinds of trains.

At last, my neighborhood!

Noah and I live on the east side of Capitol Hill, and the hills are no joke!

Home at last!  "Meow, where have you been!"

I couldn't find any quarters, so I just straightened up and brought in our Blue Apron delivery.  Blue Apron is a food service that sends all the raw ingredients with a recipe.  My close friend, Jordin, got us two weeks of meals as a Christmas/birthday/going away gift.

"Meow, feed me!"

This is how she begs.

I fed her, then did the dishes.

Then, Facebook time!

And the job search :(

Around 6:30 I switched it off and decompressed with sudoku.

Then, Noah came home!  With flowers!

Wahh!  I am still so twitterpated.

After ruining the cat's peace, we decided to go out for dinner.   But where?


"Come on, what do you want to eat?"  Noah even asked me if he should dress up :')  But I told him that I wanted something chill and cheap and lowkey.

Out of his work clothes...

...and on to the couch to map our route.  We decided to go to Tutta Bella pizzeria, but in a different location than usual.

Ready to go, but first we unpack the Blue Apron box. We're both so excited!

Very nice.

Knick knacks?!

Noah put our hoard away.

And out the door we go!

We headed to an area called Columbia City.  It was still in Seattle, but neither of us had been before; not unusual for me, since I'm new, but Noah was born and raised here.  It was such a cute area!

Pizza and salad.  It was really, really good.

And finally, Nutella gelato.

After dinner we walked around and Noah suggested a bar or the arcade.  The arcade was closed and I was becoming sleepy, so we decided to get a bottle of cheap wine and relax at home.

Wine for me, beer for him.

And a quick drive home.

My contacts were killing me :(

Back in the living room, Noah was changed and ready to relax.

Except....ahhh!  The lightning cord isn't long enough to reach while my laptop is plugged in!

Finally we got it to work, and we relaxed while watching Netflix.  I put my head on his shoulder and konked out!  He had to carry me to bed a couple hours later, and I woke regretting not wrapping the DITL up better.  All in all, though, it was a great birthday.

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