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Isabelle's Day: July 9, 2016: A Challenge

So July 9th was a challenge date (the next one is August 12, don't forget!) I had decided that for this day I was going to follow beswiftmysoul's lead and share a glimpse into my kitty's day. So, how does a 4-year old kitty cat spend her Saturday? I'll let her tell you!

Hi! I'm Isabelle. And I am moody this morning. You see, I try to tell my mom at 6AM that it's time to get up and go outside. But for some reason she thinks that on Saturdays she doesn't need to get out of bed. And you see, I disagree. I have things to do and I need to get on with my day. But she delayed me by like, two whole hours!

Well, I guess I can get my day started. First things first - roll on the cement.

I also really need to get dirty. I really miss grass, but my mom took me to this weird desert place that doesn't even have GRASS! So I put my head in the dirt instead.

The middle of the yard seems like a good vantage point for me to see whatever birdies decide it's time to play! Don't worry though. I really am a nice kitty. I just want to play, not eat anything. I'm not a cannibal.

My mama went inside for a while. But she comes out to see if I'm getting into trouble (why would she think I would get in trouble!) I greet her though, because I love it when my mama's outside with me.

I really just love my mama outside because I can stay out of the sun in her huge shadow though.

When my mama decided to go inside, I decided it was time for a cat nap. I need to regain my energy. It's been a rough day.

Mama comes outside to tell me to go in. I tell her NO!

I convince her to stay outside with me though, so I rub on her LulaRoe leggings. They are so soft, so I love them.


I'm mad, because I couldn't find it.

I'm off to go make friends with something! I need friends, birdies or bunnies!

I know there's one out here somewhere!

Oh no - that birdy isn't playing nice. He's up way too high to be my friend. But he is talking to me, so that's nice of him.

I guess I'm not making any friends today. I'll make sand angels instead.

Mama ruins my day though. She tells me I have to come inside. I just don't think that's right.

When I get inside I eat some food. I exerted so much energy and I'm so hungry!

I don't know what to do with myself though.

I should just eat more. It's hard to be a princess.

If I'm not allowed outside, I guess I'll just watch the world from behind glass.

My mom's being lazy today, so I'm going to go mock her from the end of the baby. LADY WAKE UP!

I guess I'll take a nap.

I could cuddle my mama some though.

I really do love my mama, so I suckle on her ear.

After telling mama how much I love her, I sit in my other window.

I go to my room. Mama calls this the guest room and she has the bed PILED with her clothes, but it's my bed. And I roll all over them so she can smell like me.

After awhile I decide it's time to play. So I hide in mama's blankey.

See! I have been the one photographing today.

I've had a rough day. I'm tired as I sit on my cat tree.

While mama cooks her and my dad dinner, I supervise. I'm in charge.

FINALLY I CAN GO TO SLEEP! I'm so tired. I'm beat. I had a big day.

My mom and dad go to bed. Mama follows me out though because I think I was being too loud. I just wanted to let her know I saved her from the monster. I think mama went to bed after this, so the day's over.

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