August 12th, 2021

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GAMD: I did some shopping!

I was actually looking at this prompt today and thinking to myself, "nah, I've been very frugal and didn't buy anything!" only to later realize that, no, I actually did buy a few things. And they all happened to arrive today.

So the other day I saw a post by a handcraft lady that likes to make these crystal or precious stones bracelets, and she was recommending a type of "hair stone" (it's clear/transparent, but looks like have strands of hair inside -- and after a search I found it "Black Rutilated Quartz", 黑髮晶) but in her photo there was a blueish galaxy-looking bracelet as well. So I asked her what it is and it's a Blue Tiger Eye 藍虎眼. I have no knowledge on these stones so I don't really care what they are for, but I really liked the look of the beads. They shine and every angle shines differently. It's now the "Seventh Month" according to the Lunar Calendar, and it's when the gates of hell are wide open... and that quartz and this blue tiger eye somehow helps to ward off the spirits. *shrugs*. I don't know. I just like it.

Lately I rather like the duo from TwoSet Violin. They are hilarious, somewhat relatable if I think really hard to my piano-learning days. They also do some apparel (TwoSet Apparel), so I checked them out. I liked the Chopin Bag (do you get the pun? Shopping Bag/Chopin Bag) but it was sold out. Then the Neptune cardigan caught my eye. When I online shop I usually don't buy just 1 thing because shipping costs are crazy to my part of the world (I thought those guys are from Australia, so I thought their apparel would ship out from there), so I also got the violin camisole. Turns out they shipped stuff out from Taiwan. *shrugs*. But I also see the quality if not optimal. For the cardigan, the button holes are not... I don't know what it's called, double sewed on the sides, so it feels really flimsy, like everytime I unbutton and button I'll damage it further. Lucky I bought it a size larger, so I'll just wear it like a pullover.

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