June 1st, 2021

big ben + london
  • sobota

JUNE: Outfit Challenge & 23 June

Welcome June! Happy Pride! Thanks for everyone who participated in our challenges last month and letting us peek inside your homes. 

Our outfit challenge will be from 7-12 June. So starting on Monday let's see what you're wearing for the week! Are you still in your pyjamas? Are you back in the office? I'm living that two outfits per day life so should be fun.

And our glimpse at your day will be Wednesday, 23 June, chosen by a random number generator. What do Wednesdays look like for you? Remember that you can share any other days you'd like! I'm not sure what my Wednesday will look like. 

Reminders: Hey, next Monday starts the outfit challenge!! Other reminders to follow. Have a great week!