May 22nd, 2021

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My Favorite Room

(I cleaned up for this day and and it's somewhat presentable LOL but I can honestly tell you it's not somewhat presentable anymore now haha.....)

My favorite room is... my own room! I've always had a shared room with my sister, bunk beds, she on the top, me on the bottom, and it was starting to get ridiculous that we are still sharing a room when we are both nearing our 40s. Finally we did renovations 2 years ago, and I designed the furniture placement in my room (so much more efficient than the old design), so I like it very much and it's my favorite! Everyone thought I was crazy to choose yellow as my room color, but yellow is such a happy color! And it goes so well with the wood color I chose for the bed, shelf, and cupboards. With white curtains and white other things (wall hook and wall plants-shelf), I think my personal project of designing my room was a success *smug smile*.

Left (or top): View from the door to my room. Practically only 1 dog sleeps with me so seeing these 2 dog beds... I feel rather irritated. There's actually a third unused dog bed under the piano, but.... meh...
Right (or bottom) turn left, and I have a hook for my keys and mask for the day. My piano serves as a writing desk as well.

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And this is my favorite room - my own room! Hope you enjoyed :-)
Xmas can Bite It

Lazy Participation: My Favorite Room

...but seriously, I need to obsessively clean before Da Twins get here for Not ANYONE'S Birthday Whatsoever Pie Day.  Cake's not allowed sooo

Without futher ado, here's Four.  The first room in our house I stopped actively despising.  Which led to me improving other rooms at home 'till they Didn't Suck Either