August 10th, 2019

Milhent forest
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Katya, Omsk. My bag

Contents of my bag don't change much. I have my wallet, a pack of wet wipes, a small folder where I keep my work pass and a flash-card on it and a canvas shopping bag. Next are a handkerchief and a mirror, my passport and glass cloth with hairbrush on top - my hair are always messy after even a light wind. And two sets of keys - for my flat and for parents.

[eta] forgot to mention aspirin (the only thing that affects my migraine) and some patches as I often rub my feet sore with new shoes.

What's in My Bag - August 10

So...  I carry a satchel and not a purse.  This is a habit I carried over from when I lived in the city.  I can carry more (and that usually includes my camera) and its comfortable.
Here it is.  My grey satchel is in the bacground.  The contents are as listed...

1) the orange scarf is for when I go out shooting nature photography.  I wear it in my hair so that a hunter doesn't mistake me for a deer and shoot me.  Sounds crazy, right?  It's an actual issue around here.
2) A pocket nife
3) A sketch pad and pencil case held together with a rubber band
4) Several tubes of Poligrip...   I just got dentures this year and every time I visit the dentist they give me another tube
5) Several random pens
6) A vial of Dramamine
7) Foster Grant reading glasses in a case.  They were a Christmas gift.  Because, really, who spends that much on reading glasses?  lol!
8) A SD card case to have extra SD cards on me for impromptu nature shoots
9) Maxipads - just in case
10) A vial of generic Aleve
11) A measuring tape - for what, I don't know...
12) my phone
13 my wallet

There it is!

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What's in my bag?

Here ya go!

It's clickable for the bigger version but here's the skinny:
Purple healthy back bag
R2D2 wallet
Dunkin Donuts breakfast receipt from last week
Trader Joe's receipt from...this morning maybe?
Gift voucher for $50 at a local restaurant (I had two but could only use one at a time)
Pads and wipes
Phone in its pretty case
tissues and wipes
car registration
2 KPop dictionaries that my buddy bought for me and gave me this morning
Fold out bag (our local community just banned plastic bags)
two lip glosses
Extra battery thing to charge phone
KCon wristband from last month
Spot remover that may be dried out
Vanilla throat lozenge.

Thrilling, eh?
Cat glasses

What's in my bag?

I've decided to show you photos of my work bag.

It's nothing special, it actually looks quite battered by now. I've had it for at least 15 years, my parents brought it back from a holiday in Greece. I just don't want to part with it as it's a great size for work, apart from the things I show in the photos it also usually holds my yogurt for breakfast and a 1 litre bottle of mineral water.

This is what's inside ... car keys, office key, cosmetic bag, my purse, my mobile phone (only the bag is shown here as I used the phone to take the photos!), and the office key card.

Inside the make up bag there's Rennie (anti-acid), ibuprofen, a hair tie, a small mirror, compact powder, a white and a black kajal, a safety pin, a lip balm, concealer and tissues.

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What's in My Bag? - Augusta, GA, USA

During the summer I don't carry a bag, but this was what was in my bag in May when I last used it. Sabrina, 33, former teacher.

An ox-blood and navy blue Fjällräven Kånken. The bunny is from a former student and it's so soft and lovely. After the cut, see what's in the bag!

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Hope you enjoyed a little peek!