January 29th, 2019

chef klibancat

Dinner for January 28, 2019

I usually try to keep things pretty simple on Monday and Tuesday because work always seems a bit more hinky then. Tonight we had Pasta Arrabiata. It's a spicy sauce made of tomato, garlic and red peppers. I tend to mild ours down because of our preference, but it's still pretty spicy.

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One Week of Meals

Hopefully these pictures work. I can't host at flickr anymore because I'm not paying them money. Where are you hosting your pictures? This is a workaround to embed pictures from google photos.

All but one of these dinners was keto-friendly. I have been doing keto since May. Monday was a rough day so I broke it, but as always, I get right back in the next day.

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Mod Note: Our next challenge will be announced next Tuesday.