January 26th, 2019

All alone - Terranigma
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ADIML – Friday January 25th in Tokyo, Japan

First time posting anything to the community, first time actually doing a full ADIML! I picked the 25th as an arbitrary date at the start of January, so here I am interrupting everyone's dinners. There is a dinner in here as well, though!

As a first time poster, an intro is in order. My name is Tove, I'm a freelance translator from Norway, currently located in Tokyo, Japan, where I've lived for the last three years. I share a house with my husband and our cat. The husband was out pretty much all day yesterday, which meant I had the day to myself. This post honestly makes it seem like I live on my own, which I find kind of hilarious.

Anyway, on we go!

I get up at around 7:20AM. Working from home means I have a pretty relaxed morning routine. Honestly, working from home is the main reason I've never done ADIML before. I don't have a commute to show, and some days I get so bogged down with work, I pretty much never leave my office. Thankfully, this Friday was pretty well-balanced, and it showed me how varied my days can be even if at the end of the day I feel like it was "nothing special".

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