January 13th, 2019


My day - Saturday January 12, 2019

Inspired by my friends here, I decided to share a day with you.  My day typically starts around three in the morning.  I get up, feed the cats and then start to write on the computer.  No photos of that because it's pretty dull.

Our car port.  We had a foggy start to the morning. This is pretty typical for us here in Stockton. Whenever we get rain, the next couple of days we have fog and since this is our rainy season...

Saturday morning we always go our for breakfast.  Bob's on the Marina is one of our favorites.  These are two of the five resident cats.  This is Mom (the brown tabby) and one of her 'kids.'  We love coming out here at night during the summers to eat on the patio.

It was a massive shopping day because we had to get cat food, water, paper products and laundry detergent, along with the regular shopping.  The back seat is also full.  This took us from 8:15 to 10:30

After getting everything put away, TBG decided to vacuum upstairs while I cleaned bathrooms and the kitchen.  This kept us busy until about 12:30.  A break from cleaning for lunch.  Rigatoni bolognaise with garlic rolls.  The rolls are not homemade, but everything else is.

Four of the five cats supervising my work on the computer from one to about three.  TBG is taking a nap with Jenny (the black and white kitty).  While they all have access to outside, they preferred to stay with me - just in case I felt like offering snacks. After this, I talked on the phone with Sparky for a while, then did yard work until about 4:30.  Then it was time to tackle dinner.

Dinner is Big Island Tri Tip, sweet potato fries, onion rings (store bought) and Chinese brocolli.  Wine is a Sobon Barbera.  TBG did the steak on our outside grill.  It was a little cool, but still nice.

Evening finds us relaxing in the living room  You can see TBG's foot.  He's on the floor playing with the cats.  The movie is My Neighbor Totoro. Shortly after this, I packed it in for the night. Thanks for joining me.