December 1st, 2018

Christmas Corgy

Vegan Tom Kha Kai Soup

Hey there - I know I am a little late, but better late than never I suppose :) I planned to cook this soup last Saturday but things got in the way, so I cooked it today.

It's been ages since I last posted, so let me quickly introduce myself: My name's Johanna and I'm from Germany!

So here's a "recipe" loosely based on the soup named tom kha kai, which is a Thai chicken soup. My family made this soup for ages at home. We used to call it "good mood"-soup (Gute Laune Suppe in German) when I was a child and it is still one of my favourite dishes. Since I'm vegan and never learned the recipe from my parents, it does taste quite different from their version - and most definitly from the original!

So here we go:
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