August 19th, 2018


WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: The Voice Challenge September 23

We didn't have the biggest turnout this last time, but I was still happy to see the participation!

This next challenge does NOT involve pictures. Instead, you are being challenged to share either a video or audio file with the group.

Write on your calendars that on Sunday September 23rd I'm challenging you to give the group a glimpse into what your voice sounds like and how you pronounce certain words. I am challenging you to do this quiz on video or audio and share it with the group. How do you pronounce certain words?

Also feel free to talk beyond just the quiz and tell us the plans for your day.

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator.

Are you in?!

I'll post reminders for this as we get closer. And always feel free to share a glimpse into your day, any day!