July 19th, 2018


July 16 - Grocery Shopping in Seoul, South Korea

I usually do the majority of my grocery shopping for the week on Mondays right before lunch, when I switch up the menu of the week, and when there is likely to be the least amount of people in the grocery store. My usual place for grocery shopping is the big supermarket in the neighborhood, some 15~20 minute walk away from home (something that feels like eternity when you're carrying several shopping bags with you).

However, due to unusual circumstances this past Monday, I didn't get to visit the grocery store until nearly 7pm. In addition, to my own surprise I still had a ton of meat, vegetables, and eggs left for use from previous Monday's shopping trip, thus finding myself in no need to empty out the entire supermarket this time. Therefore, I first decided to see if the smaller supermarket closer to my apartment could satisfy the needs of my grocery list.
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