April 24th, 2018


WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS: June 1 & Other Mod Stuff

Thanks to everyone that participated in our home tour challenge. I was impressed by all the participation - 8 of us! It was a fun glimpse into people's homes and lives internationally.

It's time for me to challenge you again!

Write on your calendars that on FRIDAY JUNE 1 I'm challenging you to give us a glimpse into your life!

To figure out the date I used a random calendar generator. Share what you're doing that Friday, whether it's going to work, sitting around at home in your pajamas, or doing something super exciting! I'm off from work that day and should be on an airplane (if I ever buy my ticket.)
Are you in?! What do you think you'll be doing that day?

Remember, you can always do glimpses or ADIMLs on other days. Feel free to share any you do here.

In other mod stuff, I'm looking for more suggestions of challenges. I have a list running of things including, showing us everything you bought for a week and show us everything you ate during the week. Any other ideas of fun challenges?

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I did this on the right day but forgot to post it. I died a little inside at having to post it in the state it was in. I'm not going to even try to pretend my house is always tidy, but it was exceptionally messy this day. (Also, I had to clean up after I took the photos because I had a houseguest for the weekend, so I reallllly wanted to wait till after I cleaned to post the pictures, but here you go.)

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