November 13th, 2017

Sleeping Kitty
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Glimpse At My Day 2017.11.12 - Macau

I was feeling a little down lately, and then I knew I would come up rather busy next week so, yesterday I decided to do a Glimpse At My Day (or A Day In My Life)

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My day started early at 5.30am as I wanted to do a morning run! I'm used to running at night, but I've been trying to change my Sunday runs to the morning. There's still much timing work on as I'd like to switch all my runs to morning, but I need to time it well so that I still have time to walk the dogs, then get to work on the weekdays. Don't even ask about "what about taking your dogs for a run?" because, they are unwilling to wake up, LOL!!!!

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This was an exceptionally long day for me because I wanted to do the morning run. Otherwise I'd be up at around 8-ish on a Sunday. It was nice to have a busy day once in a while!