November 7th, 2016

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My week of outfits

I actually started my challenge on Tuesday, November 1. I had just gotten back from a trip to Europe late on October 30, and I didn't catch that the challenge was happening until the 31st. So I am one day off. Oops! Also, this challenge made me realize I need a better full length mirror - or better light in my bedroom!
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A Week of Outfits? Sorta.

Kinda sorta REALLY meant to keep this challenge.
Two 'problems' tho.

- It was an exceptionally eventful week. There was my birthday, my birthday weekend half-marathon and then a weekend drive to Winnipeg in the space of less than a week.

- I'm a man. A grown-up man with markedly sharp opinions on What To Wear.
I wear This, That and The Other. And that's all. In different colors.
When they wear out? Replaced with the Same Thing.

At least I'm easy to shop for.

That having been said?
We'll start with a representative pic of What I Wear To Work.

Actual Birthday Dinner @ Cosetta, St. Paul.
Solid Ralph Lauren Classic Polo Shirt, Dockers D3s (I'm black so there's an actual ass back there) and Dockers Agent Shoes, either brown or black in Size 12 wide.
B's tried to change my shirt brand or buy some with stripes but ummm NEWP.

The rest of my workweek would consist of the same shirt/pants in different solid colors.
I'm a bit more interesting/varied when not working, so that's what I'll tuck beneath the cut.

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