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At gimpse at my Monday, January 4th

Autumn, 31, living in Alamosa, CO. This is a pretty typical day off for, dogs, chickens and relaxing.

I woke up pretty early for not having set an alarm.

My view from bed.

Decided to get up pretty quickly. I really wanted coffee.

This little guy (Freckles) followed me into the bathroom as he does every morning. He is very interested in the grooming habits of his humans.

Shower and lotion up the new inks (on the back of my calf is the newest piece, a sunflower - I'm doing a garden on my leg!).

Throw on my gym clothes as I plan to head there right after some coffee and a light snack.

Let the boys out (Kafka is the red/brown one, and he has no tolerance for me delaying potty-time to take pictures).

A peek at the dining room/computer room after I open the curtains. I love this room.

Turn on the computer and put on Friends while I make coffee.

And turn around to the kitchen. Good morning hilarious turquoise countertops! We bought this house last April and plan to remodel but until then I'm embracing the wonderful retro kitchen.

Coffee time is the best time! I LOVE this coffee roaster.

Take my coffee and snack to the computer. I watch Friends a lot; it's my favorite show ever.

Decide to head to the gym.

Time-check before I leave! I need a new calendar.

The car! She is very dirty, but it is winter and if I wash her it will most certainly snow afterwards.

Sneaky pic at the gym.

Finish and run by the local thrift store to drop of a bag of clothes. Took a quick pic of the small downtown area while at a stoplight.

Home sweet home. I love my house so much.

My living room. There will be napping here soon. I also picked up a movie to watch (Age of Adeline).

Got a save-the-date in the mail for a good friend's wedding! I'm so excited!

Definitely hungry now so I start on some brunch. These little green eggs, next to a large grocery-store egg, came from our 5 hens in the backyard; we'll visit them in a bit.

Ready! Also more coffee from the batch I made this morning.

Do some dishes

Open the birds' cage as they're being loud. These guys are Wilbur and Orville. Although they might be girls; we're not sure but it doesn't matter really.

Time to say hello to the chickens! Once it warms up a little, on days that I'm home, I let them out until it gets dark. Here is their coop.

The girls. The Grey one must be on egg duty today. Right now she's sitting on golf balls as I stole the eggs already. The two being silly with the camera are the two more ornery ones; the white one is definitely the leader of the group. The black is my fav in terms of looks.

Their coop is in need of some cleaning, so I sweep out the dirty straw and put in some clean stuff. They immediately all rush in (except grey, she's still on the "eggs") and start kicking it around. They love new straw.

Head in to nap/watch the movie.

Have a little snack too - pineapple, banana and shredded coconut. Fresh pineapples were really cheap so I have a lot of pineapple right now. :)

I think I watched half the movie, wasn't tired and decided to get up and take a walk. The dogs aren't complaining about this at all.

Looking north-east next to the Rio Grande River. Part of the Sangre de Cristo mountains are in the background, covered in snow.

A time-check when I returned from the walk (about an hour later).

Made some more coffee. It was chilly out and I needed something warm. I finished up the movie as well.

And about an hour later my husband arrived home from work. He's a teacher, and this was the first day back, and all of his grades had to be in by the end of the day so he's just doing that all night.

Make some dinner: mock-Chipotle burrito bowls. We eat and watch some Grey's Anatomy (we are pretty much binge-watching this at every opportunity). And by we I mean me with my husband pretending he doesn't like it yet watching intently.

Time-check somewhere in the middle of the Grey's binging.

At some point I drug myself to bed, already half-asleep so I forgot to take a final picture.

Thanks for reading!


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