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Kat's 11-June

Hi! I'm Kat from Macau! I've posted one ADIML/GAMD before, and yesterday I suddenly wanted to do another one. I didn't realize there was a challenge for 10-June though.

I wake up at around 7-ish, but the dog is still sleeping...

I walk out to look out the varandah to get an idea of the weather... overcast and will rain. boo.

And the cat's looking for affection as well.

Time to prepare the dogs' breakfasts. Everything is weighed.

Wakey wakey, sleepy-head. Time for breakfast!

The dogs get walked. Due to the weather we have to go "under the bridge". It's the Lotus Bridge that takes you straight to China.

After the dogs' walk and breakfast, it's my breakfast time.

It's Saturday, so I do some of my own fun stuff. Cleaned up a bit.

Then my Dad asked me to help him a bit with his paperwork for his retirement things in Germany. The cat though, just loves my Dad and wants to accompany him EVERYWHERE. The dog decideds to snoop.

Later on, we went out for lunch and then to the supermarket. New products for the dogs to try!

By the by, it was time for the second dog-walk.

I was also in a bit of a hurry coz I had to get to a concert. I took an apple. My dad told me to "eat it like an Austrian" and eat up the core as well, to just leave the stem. Okay... but no next time. The core's really tough.

I was on a hurry to go to the Distant Worlds Music from Final Fantasy. Just like in Hong Kong, it was a lovely show.

After the show we went for a walk about and I found the handbag I had been looking for - it's a regular handbag, but there's a "wallet" part that you can detach and use apart, or attach it to the handbag and use that together. With the shopping, I headed home.

And that was my 11-June.

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