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My September 13th

I hadn't meant to take part as I was travelling, but then took enough photos to actually compose a post. But this is also the reason why the day starts ... sometime late in the morning! ;-)

As I still don't feel good about international travel, my parents and I went to Bayreuth, Frankonia, Bavaria, Germany for 5 days. September 13th we stayed in town and visited some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites there.

The New Palace - building started in 1753, after the old palace burned down.

The "Palm Room"

Which had cool dragons on the ceiling!

There also was a room with erotic miniatures!

The garden side of the palace

Early lunch at a Turkish place, a very yummy salad with grilled veggies

At 1.30 p.m. we had a guided tour at the Margravial Opera House.
The Margravial Opera House is the best preserved example of a free-standing Baroque court theatre. It was modelled on the greatest opera houses of the time in Vienna and Dresden. As a unique monument of 18th-century festival and music culture it was inscribed by UNESCO in the list of World Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2012.

You can find all kinds of statues of Richard Wagner allover town.

Ice cream! (It was a very hot day for September)

There was a cemetery next to our hotel and this is the grave of Franz Liszt.

Graveside of the Wagner family

The main building of our hotel - it used to be a brewery.

After a break we walk back to the central place to find a restaurant for dinner.

Everywhere is really busy but we got a table at "Oskar's" which is supposed to be Bayreuth's best restaurant. There's a steak and mushrooms under that fried egg. :-)

When we get back to the hotel I take a shower.

Watch the news ..

Check LJ ...

... and FB

Do my daily Spanish lecture on Duo ...

... and read a bit before going to bed!


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