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GAMD/ADIML | 24-August-2021, Macau

Today... was an interesting day. Here's my day in 24 photos.

This morning we had a funeral to attend (if interested culturally, here's a post about the Wake last night). In fact, there was an incident around 1am this morning where we think it was this deceased relative trying to visit us. Story for another time though. I woke up around the same time I usually do.

Usual morning things, toilet, wash face, blah blah. I tend to my plants and wake up my dog. She's 17-ish and needs a little more time to wake up.

I wait for the rest of the family to get ready to go walk the dogs, so I open up my Walkr game to harvest stuff.

The white cat was getting fed up of Frankie and started serving him kitty punches LOL. We finally make our way to the dog park.

Quick trip back and I fix my bed. It's not for the looking pretty factor. It's for the protecting my bed factor. No idea what the small cat will do throughout the day.

I try to look for appropriate clothing. I am going to attend a funeral service. And I put my very basic make up on.

A very quick breakfast. I'm too lazy to bring out the blender, so instead I try to make do with shaking vigorously. Pro tip: it doesn't really work. Use the blender.

As I have my breakfast, these two rascals continue to make a lot of noise.

I notice nobody was getting ready yet (almost 9am) and then Mom says we're not leaving until after 10am. So I sit down and work on some Postcrossing. And finally we get to leave and I have my all-black wear today.

The funeral parlor is no different from last night. Had another excruciating service.

The service finished around 11.30am, and the transport out of the body was schedule for 1pm, so there was some time to kill. I quickly checked on my Taobao order to see if they have been sent yet.

And then there was STILL time to kill, so we went to the next door "drawers cemetery" (everything is in drawers) to scout an available drawer. Only either the lowest rows or the highest rows were available, and I'm not sure what my aunt chose in the end.

And then the last ceremony. As they weren't going to bury my uncle, we did the "throw a flower into the coffin" thing in the funeral home. As they had to transport the body to China to be cremated, a police officer came by to witness the closing of the coffin and then put on a wax seal. With the Covid-related travel restrictions, none of the direct family were able to accompany the body to China, so another cousin had to do it.

My widowed aunt then asked us all out for a quick lunch. As this was an "uncle" death, in my company it's not really eligible for bereavement leave. At the same time, my Boss didn't really care that I had to step out of the office, so he just considered me working off-site. (And indeed I had to take a couple of calls throughout the morning). Long story short, I had to go back into the office in the afternoon.

Couldn't really show what I'm doing at work, so we'll zoom past the afternoon to me on my way back home at 6ish.

As we always do... dog walk!

As I wait for dinner, I play a bit on a game. This game is funny. This scene is taking a page out of the game series Ace Attorney, I laughed so hard. A few chapters earlier, they had some Pokémon cameo thing going on. Dragon Ball too. After this scene, there was a Frozen reference too. This game just cracks me up.

Dinner was served, and after dinner I find out I received an email from the animal shelter charity I volunteer for. I had to write an official minutes (for government records) and it had to be bilingual, I had expressed my concern with my Chinese writing ability, but apparently they are happy enough with what I can manage.

I spent too much time working on polishing the last bit of information for the minutes (signing and attendance log, unifying the formatting, etc...) that my Sis got the bathroom first for her shower. Since my Sis typically takes 46,420 hours to shower, I gave up and decided to write my 5-year journal entry.

After shower and the night skincare routine, I sit back, relax, and read a few pages before lights off. (The bulk of this post was written while I had to wait for my Sis to come out LOL).

So there you go, my 24 August 2021. Hope you enjoyed!

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