Ghost Light (ghost_light) wrote in glimpseatmyday,
Ghost Light

I Bought What?!?

A bit belated, but here are the things I purchased last week including a few favorites

Monday my dear lonelydumptruck bought all the things, so I was off to a slow start.

Tuesday I was able to get into the dentist for a cleaning. We're still on Cobra until lonelydumptruck's new benefits kick in, so I had to pay out of pocket

We have been going through clutter and old storage in our house while working from home. Wednesday was a busy day, so we just grabbed Carl's Jr for lunch sfter errands

I also picked up a few staples

Thursday we were tuckered out from all the house projects, so I treated us to lunch at the local Japanese takeout shop.

I got spicy sesame chicken and he got chicken teriyaki, but I didn't get a picture of his.

Friday I was running around like a madwoman so I didn't get a picture of the gourmet hot dog I shoved in my mouth between jobs, but here is a picture of the one I ordered from their website

(I didn't get fries)

Saturday I had to be back at work by 9 so I grabbed McDonald's on the way there

Sunday we were just home all day so that was my hungry-hungry week!


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