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AUGUST: What Did You Buy? & 24 August

Hello friends! It's the eighth month of the year. For the Northern Hemisphere, it's the dog days of summer, and for those of us South of the Equator, winter is settling in nicely. I hope you're spending your days exactly as they're supposed to be. Thanks for everyone who participated in the July glimpse and challenge! I think that handwriting is so idiosyncratic and tells us so much.

This month's challenge is from the 9-14 August. That week, I'm challenging you to show us what you bought. This also includes things that you might have ordered earlier and shows up during this time. Big, small, groceries, pet toys, whatever you buy, we'd love to see it!

This month's glimpse is Tuesday, 24 August. What will you be doing that day? I will probably be doing some crazy last minute things for my move, and all the other normal things I do on a Tuesday. 

Have a great day, and reminders, of course, to follow!


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