spiffikins (spiffikins) wrote in glimpseatmyday,

Handwriting Challenge 2021

This looked like fun!

EDIT: some background - I'm left handed, and my handwriting was TERRIBLE in grade school as I tried desperately to figure out how to write without smudging my ink with my hand. My mom happened to mention this to another parent in our class, who then showed up the next day in my classroom and sat with me for an hour or so, teaching me how to hold my hand and wrist vertically - 90 degrees from the horizontal lines on the page - and I was amazed and am still SO very grateful to her!

Also in grade 11 I took a "speedwriting" course to learn shorthand - and while I don't use much of it, some of the stuff that "stuck" was - not dotting i's or crossing t's - and certain minimalistic ways of forming letters - some of which I still do.

My handwriting is a random mixture of printing and cursive - but I can read it :D


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