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GAMD - Handwriting Challenge 2021

I've kind of neglected the GAMD community lately and thought to have a look at the recent entries, and voila, today was an activity day!

All through my life I've been told by teachers that my handwriting is horrendous. *Shrugs*. I admit when I'm feeling lazy I can write really badly, but I don't think I'm too bad. Heck, we never really had writing lessons, and there was no such thing as "your punishment is to write lines."

The challenge:
— Your name or nickname

— A quote from your favourite novel, short story or poem.

— A fun fact or bit of trivia you know.

— optional: A sentence in a language that is not your mother tongue.
I also took the chance to use different inks and my horde of fountain/ink pens LOL (that I hardly ever use), so thank you for the challenge. I needed 2 page though!

DB866F59-A709-4850-9445-94F8A13C4101.jpeg C2BDEC41-0A8F-4E52-82DF-250FA3D25BF6.jpeg
As a kid, I rather disliked cats and loved dogs so much I actually had a nickname "Doggerina" LOL. Then in University, a professor said, "Huh, Katherina, when you start working, people will call you just Kat." I didn't believe him, but voila, a professional is a professional and he knew his stuff. In fact, everyone calls me Kat that no one knows I'm actually Katherina, and when they try to be polite and write my whole name, they write Katherine. Now I rather dislike being called Katherine, because my name is Katherina.

The quote is from the book "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell, the very last paragraph when Black Beauty got to her final home. The phrase "My troubles are over and I am at home;" really gets to me and I hope all the dogs and cats I've every rescued would think that too.

Don't know why the first "fun" fact that popped into my mind was that LOL.

And the other language is a line in the lyrics for the song 輪舞 -revolution- by 奥井雅美, essentially the meaning of it is "Even if the two of us are torn apart, (I promise) I will change the world." If taking into account the whole set of lyrics, it sort of means even if the world should tear us apart, I promise you I will change the world. I keep getting some pro-LGBT vibes from this song, this is the theme song from the anima 少女革命ウテナ Revolutionary Girl Utena so I guess that makes sense *shrugs*.

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