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July 8 2021: Glimpse at My Day

vysila here from the southeastern USA. 69 years old, retired.

I don’t get up early anymore, that’s for sure! Retirement definitely has its perks. Unbelievably cool temperatures for July here (22C).
wakeup time and temp.png

First things first. Fletcher demands breakfast.
Fletcher morning noms.jpg

I’m on a health monitoring kick these days (I’m old, what can I say?). Back in May my doctor was displeased with lab results and threatened to put me on all sorts of expensive medications. I’m refusing the meds and working hard to improve my health. I’ve lost 12 pounds (around 5.5 kg) since early May.

First I test my blood sugar. Not the best result I’ve had lately.
glucose reading.jpg

Then I take blood pressure. I’m fairly sure I don’t need blood pressure medication, not with consistently low results like this.
blood pressure reading.jpg

Time to get cleaned up and dressed. Looks like the mirror needs a good cleaning! My favorite blue dress, which I generally wear with leggings if I go out in public.
me in blue dress.jpg

I select my music for the day. Old favorites that have a nice mix of bouncy and relaxing music. The bouncy keeps me going for the necessary chores and the relaxing gives me a little break at times. Does anybody else still use CDs instead of streaming?
daily music.jpg

Breakfast! Apologies to vegans seeing this, but last night’s birthday dinner was a ribeye steak. It was too big for me, so I had another 3 oz of steak for breakfast, along with my coffee.
steak for breakfast.jpg

After breakfast I start a load of laundry and settle in to do a little reading. I’ve started re-reading my fanzine collection. Today I am starting on Elusive Lover – Alternate Visions, a wonderful Star Wars zine focusing on the Han Solo/Luke Skywalker relationship. I read the first story in the zine. Nothing like fanlove to start the day.
zine cover.jpg

It’s time to check on LJ and catch up on emails.

Now it’s time to do a few small chores. Unload and reload the dishwasher, move the blankets from the washer to the dryer, gather up the recyclables and bag up the household trash. Oh, and of course, scoop out the litter boxes. I will spare you these photos, for the most part.

Another time and temperature check. Slowly getting warmer (27C). It’s mostly sunny now instead of all overcast.
pool time.png

It’s also time to change for the daily swim and then off to the pool! Oh the luxury of swimming in the middle of the day. (Nope, haven’t cleaned the mirror yet.)
swimsuit me.jpg

Bye bye, Fletcher. See you after swimming! He barely wakes up.
Fletcher in basket.jpg

The pool was empty although a few people did show up while I was in the water and then left before I was done! It was a longer swim than usual, but I got my 20 laps in (1,000 yard, about 914 meters). Love the swim time, I call it my zen time, when everything condenses down to focusing on breathing and body movement.
me at pool 2.jpg

Looks like it is finally warming up outside (30C).
time and temp after swim.png

Home by 2:40 pm, showered and laundered my suit and towel and redressed in my little blue dress. Then a nice long phone call with a friend. I sat out on the porch in the shade in what proved to be a lovely sunny day, warm but with a bit of a breeze. Perfection. It felt good to just sit and soak up the warmth after all that time in the pool.
deck time.jpg

About 4:45 I realized I was starving, so I put some fish fillets in the oven and cut up a luscious red, juicy tomato. I’d give you a picture of both, but I was so hungry I ate the entire tomato while waiting for the fish to cook. Sorry for the unappetizing looking food, especially the unfortunate tartar sauce. Rest assured everything was tasty and filled me up. That swimming does work up an appetite.
boring dinner.jpg

Had this yumminess for dessert. I love the size of the container, it is a perfect single serving, less than 4 ounces. It’s my daily reward for swimming. I sat out on the back porch and enjoyed the ice cream, the warm evening and watching the kids across the way play outside.
ice cream.jpg

My evening was pretty boring because I was really tired. Went back inside around 7pm and sat down with the zine and read another story, and then watched a Miss Marple mystery on TV. I couldn’t coax Fletcher into my lap for more than a few minutes, so gave up around 10:30 and went to bed. Where he snuggled up with me so I could fall asleep.

And that is a typical, relaxing day in retirement!

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