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JULY: 8 July & Handwriting Challenge

Hello! Happy USA Independence Day, happy Bastille Day! Any other independence days in the world that happen in July? Good on ya! Thanks for participating in the outfit challenge and the glimpse at your day. Remember that you can post any day you'd like, if you think about it.

July's glimpse is Thursday, 8 July (which is in a week). What will YOU be doing? I have no idea, of course. 

This month's photo challenge is a handwriting challenge, to be posted Saturday, 24 July. Write out these things:

— Your name or nickname

— A quote from your favourite novel, short story or poem.

— A fun fact or bit of trivia you know.

optional: A sentence in a language that is not your mother tongue.

Reminders, of course, to come. Have a great weekend!


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