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outfits of the day: june 7th-13th!

A little late, but I am currently drowning in my final rehearsals for my two big, huge, massive musical theatre graduation exams, which should also explain some of the rather odd outfits you will find behind the cut, haha. I did forget to take pictures of a couple costumes because the changes happened relatively fast, but otherwise, everything except for my super comfy lounge- and nightwear (not very interesting) is pictured!

Avi, 29, Austria, Slightly Overworked Musical Theatre Student! ♥


No shoes pictured, but they are never-changed, white and slightly dirty Bloch sneakers that are SO. COMFY. Haha. Dancewear Brands really make the best street shoes, too.

Cannot miss the mask these days.

Don't say I didn't warn you! This one's for a dialogue taking place in a psych ward that I was just about to rehearse, so... Here we go!

All complete.

Time to practise my "Pirate Jenny" (Threepenny Opera), but too lazy to change into full costume.

...Nevermind, full costume it is! Hair will be a little messier, but... Here we go!

Not taken that very day, but worn (just without the make-up): Meet Margaret White (from Carrrie), aka another one of my major roles in my public exam!


Starting out the day with a huge Stage Fencing intensive class (9am-4pm) required for us to take before we graduate... It was only just offered now, so taking absolutely no blame re: the lateness of it! Anyway, sports outfit it is.

(Here we see mentioned Bloch sneakers. LOVE. THEM.) Also, that t-shirt obviously isn't actual YSL, haha, but a witty pun on that and Swan Lake - it says "YvasSwanLake" and it's amazing, coming from my favourite Dancewear brand, aka "Cloud&Victory".

Exhausted, but home very briefly to change for my pointe class!

Outfit on fleek, pointe class did not happen, though, haha. Our teacher thought we were going to be busy fencing longer than we ended up to be and we're only 2-3 people in there, so... Oops!

Weird picture, but actual non-sports-outfit for the MRI appt I almost forgot about. Oops!


Discovered that dress at H&M about a month ago and I honestly don't ever really wanna take it off again, it's SO COMFY AND AIRY!

Partnering class!

Followed by graduation choreography rehearsal.


Fencing Day 2/2! We took amazing pictures, recorded fun videos, and even got an awesome certificate, haha. Also, not visible, but those pants have Cheshire Cat on them and I love them.


Jazz class right in the morning! (The crop top says "let's dance" in Russian, and I LOVE IT.)

Yeah, the mask thing is still on too. Also, I think I forgot to take a Pirate Jenny shot since I absolutely wore that as well in the morning... Even before Jazz, I believe!

After something like an actual lunch break... Ballet is calling!

Exchange the foot gloves for pointe shoes and you got my outfit for my actual Ballet class, haha.


...in costume! (It's supposed to be self-ironic, and I think I made it, haha!)


Weekends no longer exist for me these days, so off we go to the conservatoire!

Forgot to snap a picture of my afternoon second-graduation-choreography rehearsal outfit, but it was basically this! Just with my hair down and not in a bun. Also, a different pair of pointe shoes.


I will repeat: No weekends for me!

Did I ever mention just how much I love maxi skirts in summer?


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