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23rd May - A glimpse at my favorite room!

My favorite room in our house would definitely be the living room. This is where I spend most of the time with my husband and our dog Shaobao!
We originally had the sofa facing the TV, using the sofa as a divider between the living room and dining room area, but we decided that having it lined up with the wall gives us bigger space to play with Shaobao. Plus I love lying on the floor or on the sofa to watch TV, so this arrangement works out well too.

[Explore my living room!]

Here's a close up of the TV wall. We bought this apartment 2nd-hand, and did not redo the renovation work as we loved the style and the previous owner had kept the place in very good condition. The tv-wall is thus left as it was.

We bought the TV and the beautiful clock on the top left after we moved in. The himayalan salt lamp is a house-warming gift. The open shelves on the left are filled with books and sof-toys, our pre-wedding photograph and a money-plant from my Mom. The right side open-shelf is where we keep stationaries, a mini-coller and other stuff. We use the table on the right side for light writing, and mostly for me to use as a grooming table for Shaobao. There are treats, medicine for Shaobao's current ear infection, fur brush etc. The 3-tier drawer set also contains Shabao's clothes, treats and grooming materials.

The bottom shelf below the TV holds our PS4, game. All the wall sockets are hidden within this drawers, or under the desk on the right. The space below the TV we usualy have some snacks, some small plants around, the Sound Bar and router.

For coffee table, we are using a Kotatsu (low table with heat source) that I shipped home from Japan after my 2 years stay there. I removed the heating element since we will never use it in Singapore's constant summer weather. I still have the blanket that goes with the kotatsu table but have never used it before too given the hot weather here. I do love this kotatsu because it is perfect height for using laptop/eating while sitting on the floor. The height of the kotatsu can be adjusted higher too if need be, by adjusting the legs.

On the right there is our Muji beanbag, a house warming gift, a couple of softoys and cushions, mostly from claw machines in Japan. Not so visible behind the bean bag is actually a dog's bed which our dog Shaobao doesnt like to use because it is too hot (he prefers lying on the hard cold floor), so we use it to store his toys.

Introducing abit too about the area around the living room. To the right of the living room is actually the doorway leading to the maindoor. That's our bicycles out there, as well as a doggy pram for Shaobao. On the right side is the doorway to the kitchen. On the left is a shelf for us to put stuff like keys, bags, masks that we can grab on our way out.

Right beside/behind our living room is our dining table. There is no clear division so often I will sit at the dining table to watch TV as well. The coridoor leads to our common room which I'm using as a work office during WFH, a common bathroom, and our master bedroom. We have a display case full of figurines, toys etc that we bought on trips/caught on UFO catchers etc.

Finally the other side of the living room opens to the balcony, which we usually use for sunning landry. Shaobao's peepads are also here. We are on the top floor with a open balcony, so husband and I have a retractable awning installed last October. The retractable awning helps a lot in keeping the living room cool in the morning because we get sun from this side. During light rain, we can also skip bringing in the clothes rack and Shaobao's pee pads.

Overall I do love my living room because I can do alot in it, and have visiblity of what is happening in other rooms. It is also convenient to get to the kitchen to grab a bite, or go to the balcony to help Bao clean his peepads etc.

And that's all for my living room!


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