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My favorite room.

I don't really care about roooms - they are just places to live in for me most of the time. Furniture should be solid and comfortable, so when I moved out from my parents and went furniture shopping, I paid little attention to looks.

But kitchen in my flat is a different thing. Actually, it was this kitchen, that sold me the flat. Mother choose her kitchen in plain wood and sister went for beige and brown. But when I saw this rich purple color, I couldn't walk away. It is also very big - full 11 sq.m., where my parents have only 9. Not that I use that space, but it allows me to have some more plants.

Fridge is a traditional place for travel magnets, but even after I brought some of them from parents, it looked empty, so I bought some stickers and they fit perfectly.

Dinner table. Not that I use it on my own, but I took a lot of care picking out this table, with the thought that now I can celebrate birthdays at home and on New Year we can start celebrating at parents and then walk over to me. We did it only once...

Niche over table was meant to hold a TV. As i see no need to buy one, it become just a decorative one. Black clock in it is my cross-stich project. I loved how it turned out and started a second one... which got stuck half way.

Plant stand is a recent addition. Big ficus started to die in winter because of dry air, so I moved it to a newly bought cheap shelf where I can mist it without ruining furniture. I love the look, so now both ficus live there.

Cooking corner. Stove to the left, small table, sink and then bigger table where I cook (and often eat). This is also where my laptop lives, because I use it as TV, running in background when cooking or eating. Next to it is a steam cooker I gifted to my mother years ago. She never got into using it, but I found it very convenient, do now it gets a lot of use.

Previous owners were taller than I am. So I can't really use upper shelves. I even bought IKEA ladder-stool, but it is still easier to keep them empty.

Even so, everything I regularly need easily fits on bottom shelves. That could change if I'll ever get around buying my own glassware and dishes, but so far I didn't find either that I would love, so I continue to use extras from my parents and aunt. Those were popular expensive anniversary gofts in Soviet times, so even with butterfingers we still have some to spare.

I forgot to open spice section, because it is nearly empty - I rarely use spices beyond basic salt, pepper and bay leaves.

Oven is naturally an extra storage space. I don't use all those pans and pots, they are there just in case I'll have guests and si that they won't take space in parents' cupboards.

I have started to make tea in French press years ago it is much easier to wash than tea pot. And ho hassle with tea strainer.

And to finish it off, my window sill that is taken over by plant nursery. I didn't decide yet what I am going to do with all these plants, just that I am not keeping all of them once they are all grown.


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