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My Favourite Room: My Bedroom

Since I'm living with my mum the only room I have that is really "mine" is my bedroom, which looks about the same since we moved here in 2009. I love the hardwood floors and the two windows. So here it is!

On the right is a photo from a calendar from the city where I did my study abroad in France (Lyon) in 2006-2007. On the left a poster I got at a flea market for five dollars. I don't actually listen to The Doors anymore, but I like their music.

The top of my nightstand. The lamp is one of my mother's from Germany with an old adapter for the plug, which I love. In the back, a little bowl where I keep some pins and the ring box for my promise ring.

Three pieces of art that I did for my senior year of high school; I went to a fine art school and my final year I did Computer Graphics. I made very political posters, which was kind of controversial, but I still like them. I gifted two others to my French teacher, and the other one was too big to put on my wall, but was a tribute to U2, my favourite band.

My bed. It's not super comfortable, but there you go. Pillow is a gift from Alex. On the right, artwork from Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Above the bed a piece of artwork from Arts in the Heart, and I love them both. These follow me around my flats, so I had to put them up.

A map from Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) and my tall boy dresser. You will not see the inside of it, mostly because it's a bloody disaster. 

The top of the tall boy. I don't have a bookshelf, but I also don't read physical books so much. I miss Denmark very much. The kitty lamp is from Alex, who told me he has kept it in his bookmarks for years because he always wanted to gift it to someone. 

These tables don't fit anywhere else in the house. The rooster is from Portugal, it's called the Barcelos Rooster and I'm obsessed with it. My Kindle, where I keep most of my books.

So our house is very old, and the windows in my bedroom don't stay open. On cool nights, I prop my window open with these two bricks. A rather cheap and cheerful solution.

My side of the closet, with a jumble of shoes in the tote at the bottom behind my bag.

Mum's side of the closet. More books, a hat that belonged to my grandmother, and the giant Fortnum & Mason hamper that I got from Alex, because I'm a spoilt brat and I know it.


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